Evolutions of the line

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Page 77 - ... the colonel to open out the column to half, instead of full distance, he will substitute, in the commands, the indication half, for that of wheeling distance.
Page 64 - If the column be in march, and should arrive in front of the right of the line on which it is to form into battle, the colonel and lieutenant colonel will conform to what is prescribed, Nos.
Page 118 - ... successively what has just been prescribed for the file next to the left, and each file will form into two ranks when the file next on its right has obliqued the required distance and faced to the front.
Page 77 - Should the general wish to continue the march without halting, the line will not be marked in advance, and the movement will be executed in conformity with the principles prescribed in the SB 313. According to the same principles, the deployment may be made on an interior battalion of the column. The general, after having established two markers before the head of the column, will order two mounted officers to place themselves respectively a little beyond the points at which the right and left battalions...
Page 34 - ... the line of battle which it will pass in rear of the left marker; the first file having passed three paces beyond the line, the company will wheel again by file to the left, in order to place itself in rear of the two markers ; being in this position, its captain will halt it, face it to the front, and align it by the right against the markers.
Page 20 - ... 312. Each chief of subdivision will halt in his own person, on arriving opposite to the left guides already placed on the new direction, see his subdivision file past, and conform himself, in halting and aligning it, to what is prescribed No. 309. 313. If the change of direction be by the left flank, the colonel will cause markers to be established as before, the first in front of the left file of the leading subdivision, and then give the same commands, substituting the indication left for right.
Page 182 - A battalion being in column by company, at full distance, right in front, and at a halt, when the colonel shall wish to form it into square, he will first cause divisions to be formed; which being done, he will command: 1. To form square. 2. To half distance, close column. 3. MARCH (or double quick — MARCH).
Page 111 - ... to incline insensibly to the right or left, without taking the oblique step : by this means the interval may be re-established without inconvenience. As to the general alignment, the following rules will be obser red.
Page 58 - A column, by platoon, left in front, will form on the left into line of battle, according to the same principles, and, by inverse means, applying to the second platoon what is prescribed for the first, and reciprocally. The chief of the second platoon having aligned it, from the point of appui (the left), will retire to his place as a file closer.
Page 53 - A column, right in front, being at a halt, when the colonel shall wish to form it to the left into line, he will assure the positions of the guides by the means previously indicated, and then command: 1. Left into line, wheel.

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