Evolving: A Spiritual Guide for Living

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AuthorHouse, Apr 8, 2003 - Self-Help - 200 pages
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In essence, the title says it all. This book gives practical and powerful tools that will enable anyone to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and consciously. This book is the result of twenty years of training with four spiritual Masters in this dimension, and seventeen years of teaching and training hundreds of students around the world. Michael demystifies what is often considered beyond our understanding. His writing is clear, direct and easy to read. The information is presented in such a way that people at all levels of consciousness will learn a great deal from this work. Regardless if you are now beginning your path consciously, or have been working consciously for decades, this book will spring you into the next levels of being and understanding. In fact, the text can be read year after year, and new realizations will come each time. This book is multi-leveled, packed with inner meaning and wisdom that speaks directly to the soul. Just the fact that you've delved this far in your investigation of this book, are now reading even the first sentence of it's introduction, speaks volumes about you: Primarily, it says you're considering - maybe even hoping? - that something you need will be found within its pages. And we both know you didn't just stumble upon a book about how to spiritualize no less than every aspect of your life while looking for some light reading. No, we are here together because you're looking for answers. Good, because that's what Michael Fikaris' book provides. Secondarily it says that you're not someone who's interested in a book containing three or four spiritual truths repeated fifteen different ways over three hundred pages. Nope. It reveals you to be the type of person who says, 'Give it to me now, all of it - I can take it'. Good again, because this book will do just that: give it to you straight, without the airy-fairy rainbows and halos, not that there's anything wrong with that.

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About the author (2003)

Michael C. Fikaris was born right in the middle of the USA. He was raised from the age of seven in San Francisco, California. Michael consciously talked with spirits and angels during his childhood until the age of fourteen. At that time, he thought he must be crazy, so then began studies in psychology, self hypnosis and self-improvement courses.

Throughout childhood he was exposed to spirituality through the Catholic school system and the Greek Orthodox Church. Because of obvious contradictions in these religious systems, his hunger for spiritual understanding was not satisfied during those early years. After reading countless books, including the Bible, Michael focused his attention on building a successful business. For about five years Michael put spirituality in the back of his mind.

In 1981, at the age of twenty-six, Michael met who was to become his most important spiritual Teacher. This was a dramatically life-changing event. The first thing Michael learned was that he was not crazy at all. Michael’s Teacher, Bill Duby, spent countless hours daily, for more than forty intensive months, guiding, teaching and training Michael in all aspects of spirituality, meditation, healing and clairvoyance. Michael also worked under the direction of three other spiritual Teachers over a period of many years.

In December of 1984, Michael founded the Foundation for Spiritual Freedom. Since that time, he has been lecturing, counseling, and training people throughout the world to become their own teachers, healers, and counselors. He has reached thousands of people in one way or another through his centers, articles, lectures, television and radio. His understanding is that all people have within themselves all that is needed to heal themselves on all levels and to create a healthy, happy and prosperous life right here and now.

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