Examination of Gillespie: being an analytical criticism of the Argument a priori for the Existence of a Great First Cause ... Second edition

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Provost & Company, 1871 - God - 48 pages
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Page 45 - Duration and time, which is a part of it, is the idea we have of perishing distance, of which no two parts exist together, but follow each other in succession ; as expansion is the idea of lasting distance, all whose parts exist together, and are not capable of succession. And therefore though we cannot conceive any duration without succession, nor can put it together in our thoughts that any being does now exist to-morrow, or possess at once more than the present moment of duration ; yet we can...
Page 20 - GENERAL SCHOLIUM. It is here announced that throughout the remainder of the argument the expression ' Infinity of Expansion ' will be used instead of ' Infinity of Extension.'* PROPOSITION V. " There is, necessarily, but one Being of Infinity of Expansion." The argument is as follows : — ' Infinity of Expansion either subsists by itself, or it subsists not without a Substratum.' ' On the supposition that it subsists by itself,' ' there can be but one being of Infinity of Expansion ;' ' for, as...
Page 35 - ... therefore an infinite mind. As all material objects were created by this mind, it is all-powerful. It is entirely free, because it is the origin of all motion. This mind is also entirely happy ; for, ' every position which we cannot but believe, is a necessary truth. But we cannot but believe that the simple, sole Being of Infinity of Expansion and of Duration, who is all-knowing, all-powerful, and entirely free, is completely happy. Therefore, that this Being is completely happy, is a necessary...
Page 44 - Being. d 4. To take the former alternative. Every part of Infinity of Expansion being in every part of Infinity of Duration, every part of the Being of Infinity of Expansion is in every part of the Being of Infinity of Duration. And every part of Infinity of Duration being in every part of Infinity of Expansion...
Page 13 - For intelligence either began to be, or it never began to be. " That it never began to be, is evident in this, that if it began to be, it must have a cause ; for whatever begins to be must have a cause. And the cause of Intelligence must be of Intelligence ; for, what is not of Intelligence cannot make Intelligence begin to be,
Page 39 - But there are others to be found, who have enjoy'd these in a very great measure, who yet, for want of a due application of their thoughts this way, want the Idea, and Knowledge of God.
Page 11 - The Simple, Sole, Being of Infinity of Expansion and of Duration, who is Allknowing, is, necessarily, All-powerful. „ III. The Simple, Sole, Being of Infinity of Expansion and of Duration, who is Allknowing and All-powerful, is, necessarily, entirely Free.
Page 19 - though matter had no limits, yet it might have within itself any assignable vacuities :' — in which case, it is obvious, it would be neither the Substratum of Infinity of Extension, nor finite in extension. On this point see likewise RHB's
Page 10 - Therefore there is, necessarily, a Being of Infinity of Duration. PROPOSITION IV. " The Being of Infinity of Duration is, necessarily, of unity and simplicity.
Page 14 - A necessary being is one whose existence is necessarily believed by us — a being, in a word, whose non-existence we cannot conceive. But is this all that is meant by a necessary being ? It is indeed all : anything more is inconceivable. ' 67. It will now be very obvious what an a priori argument — that is, an argument from the necessity of the case — is. It is an argument drawn from those conceptions of the human mind of...

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