Examples of Exercises Given in the Natural Philosophy Class of Glasgow University from 1865-1885: With Indications how to Answer Them

James Maclehose and Sons, 1886 - 60 Seiten
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Seite 25 - SEWELL, Madras Civil Service. Post 8vo. 8s. *** The object of this work is to supply the want which has been felt by students for a condensed outline of Indian History which would serve at once to recall the memory and guide the eye, while at the same time it has been attempted to render...
Seite 16 - Indian Criminal Law and Procedure, Including the Procedure in the High Courts, as well as that in the Courts not established by Royal Charter ; with Forms of Charges and Notes on Evidence, illustrated by a large number of English Cases, and Cases decided in the High Courts of India; and an APPENDIX of selected Acts passed by the Legislative Council relating to Criminal matters.
Seite 16 - Institutes of Menu in English. The Institutes of Hindu Law or the Ordinances of Menu, according to Gloss of Collucca. Comprising the Indian System of Duties, Religious and Civil, verbally translated from the Original, with a Preface by SIR WILLIAM JONES, and collated with the Sanscrit Text by GRAVES CHAMNEY HAUGHTON, MA, FRS, Professor of Hindu Literature in the East India College.
Seite 28 - Trotter (LJ) History of India. The History of the British Empire in India, from the Appointment of Lord Hardinge to the Death of Lord Canning (1844 to 1862). By Captain LIONEL JAMES TROTTER, late Bengal Fusiliers.
Seite 43 - Works on the East.— And Notices of all affairs connected with India and the Services. Throughout the Paper one uniform system of arrangement prevails, and at the conclusion of each year an INDEX is furnished, to enable Subscribers to bind up the Volume, which forms a complete ASIATIC ANNUAL REGISTER AND LIBRARY OF REFERENCE. LONDON: WM.
Seite 42 - Ministers and Consuls — Queen's Consuls Abroad — Naval Department — Navy List — Army Department — Army List — Law Courts — Police — Ecclesiastical Department — Clergy List — Foundation Schools — Literary Institutions — City of London — Banks — Railway Companies — Hospitals and Institutions — Charities — Miscellaneous Institutions —Scotland, Ireland, India, and the Colonies ; and other useful information.
Seite 20 - RICHARDS, 55th Regiment, Chief Garrison Instructor in India, Late Instructor in Military Surveying, Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Second Edition, Revised and Corrected. 12s. Treatise on Military Surveying ; including Sketching in the Field, Plan-Drawing, Levelling, Military Reconnaissance, &c. By Lieut.-Col. BASIL JACKSON, late of the Royal Staff Corps.
Seite 33 - PINCOTT. 4to. 12s. 6d. SANSCRIT. Haughton's Sanscrit and Bengali Dictionary, in the Bengali Character, with Index, serving as a reversed dictionary.
Seite 16 - Royal 8vo. 20s. Law and Customs of Hindu Castes, within the Dekhan Provinces subject to the Presidency of Bombay, chiefly affecting Civil Suits.
Seite 25 - Adelensis; or, a History of the Parish of Adel, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Being an attempt to delineate its Past and Present Associations, Archaeological, Topographical, and Scriptural. By HENRY TRAILL SIMPSON, MA, late Rector of Adel.

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