Exhibition Catalogue: Containing Biographical & Descriptive Sketches of the Distinguished Characters which Compose Their Exhibition and Historical Gallery

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B. George, 1880 - Waxworks - 44 pages
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Page 7 - A new invention is brought before the public, and commands success. A score of abominable imitations are immediately introduced by the unscrupulous, who, in copying the original closely enough to deceive the public, and yet not so exactly as to infringe upon legal rights, exercise an ingenuity that, employed in an original channel, could not fail to secure reputation and profit."— ADAMS.
Page 4 - DISEASES, are sufficient to prove the great value of this most useful Family Medicine, it being A DIBECT PUBIFIEB OF THE BLOOD and other fluids of the human body. Many persons have found them of great service both in preventing and relieving SEA-SICKNESS ; and, in warm climates, they are very beneficial in all Bilious Complaints.
Page 4 - Testimonials in disorders of the HEAD, CHEST, BOWELS, LIVER, and KIDNEYS; also in RHEUMATISM, ULCERS, SORES, and all SKIN DISEASES, are sufficient to prove the great value of this most useful Family Medicine, it being A DIRECT PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD and other fluids of the human body.
Page 7 - SALT palpitations suddenly ceased, and have not since returned. Out of gratitude for the benefit which I have received, I have recommended it to all my friends both in London and Yarmouth ; at the same time I feel it a duty to state the above facts, of which you can make whatever use you please.— I am, dear Sir, yours respectfully, TRUTH.'* HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OP LIVES MAY BE SAVED ANNUALLY.
Page 6 - The whole revenue of the country being at their disposal, recent sovereigns of Persia have been able to amass a large private fortune. That of the present occupant of the throne is reported to amount to...
Page 2 - Earl Russell communicated to the College of Physicians that he had received a despatch from her Majesty's Consul at Manilla, to the effect that Cholera has been raging fearfully, and that the ONLY remedy of any service was CHLORODYNE."— See Lancet, December 1, 1864.
Page 7 - FRUIT SALT' IS AN IMPERATIVE HYGIENIC NEED, or necessary adjunct; it keeps the blood pure, prevents FEVERS, and ACUTE INFLAMMATORY DISEASE, and REMOVES the INJURIOUS EFFECTS arising from STIMULANTS and NARCOTICS, such as alcohol, tobacco, tea, and coffee. By NATURAL MEANS it thus restores the nervous system to its normal condition, by preventing the great danger of poisoned blood...
Page 2 - DIARRHŒA, and is the only specific in CHOLERA and DYSENTERY. CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all attacks of EPILEPSY, HYSTERIA, PALPITATION, and SPASMS. CHLORODYNE is the only palliative in NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM, GOUT, CANCER, TOOTHACHE, MENINGITIS, &c.
Page 22 - that William was so infuriated by the scorn with which Matilda treated him, that he waylaid her in the streets of Bruges, as she was returning with her ladies from mass, beat her, rolled her in the mud, spoiled her rich array, and then rode off at full speed.
Page 2 - And which is admitted by the Profession to be the most wonderful and • valuable remedy ever discovered.

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