Existentialist Criminology

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Don Crewe, Ronnie Lippens
Taylor & Francis, Dec 19, 2008 - Law - 320 pages
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Existentialist Criminology captures an emerging interest in the value of existentialist thought and concepts for criminological work on crime, deviance, crime control, and criminal justice.

This emerging interest chimes with recent social and cultural developments - as well as shifts in their theoretical consideration - that are oriented around contingency and unpredictability. But whilst these conditions have largely been described and analysed through the lens of complexity theory, post-structuralist theory and postmodernism, there exploration by critical criminologists in existentialist terms offers a richer and more productive approach to the social and cultural dimensions of crime, deviance, crime control and, more broadly, of regulation and governance. Covering a range of topics that lend themselves quite naturally to existentialist analysis - crime and deviance as becoming and will, the existential openness of symbolic exchange, the internal conversations that take place within criminal justice practices, and the contingent and finite character of resistance - the contributions to this volume set out to explore a largely untapped reservoir of critical potential.

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Philipose Varghese reveals his own story, took place in Fairfax county, Virginia, USA.
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The Incident.
On 12/02/06 very early I started sleeping on the couch in order to go to Goochland early morning 12/03/06, soon wife told me to leave home to Goochland and packed my stuff in my car. I woke up at 9:00PM and noticed that she took our son Allwin from my back, went to bed and locked the bed room from inside (refer to transcript of J&DR court on 01/29/2007 as clearly testified by her that she securely locked the bedroom from inside). As soon as I woke up, I tried to get in bun in vain. I went back to couch and slept until 1:00 AM. Then I woke up and started updating my resume on PC. During this time at about 2:00 AM wife came and called me with an open phone (804 873 1002) from the door step, told me that I could not drive to Goochland home as she called 911 to stop me from driving, I could not drive, she had no money to repair the car in the event of an accident and the old protective order was in effect as it was not properly dismissed. She strongly believed that I consumed alcohol on the previous day. I noticed that she had nose bleeding and I did not give any importance just because it is common in all my family members including me. Nose bleeding happens to every one of us without any specific reasons other than dry climatic/weather conditions. I really did not believe that she called 911 to stop my driving because she knew there was a protective order in force and I would be arrested for violation of it. I grabbed her cell phone but soon she called “ANN, ANN, and ANN”, enclosed her head in her both arms and fainted down by hitting rear top portion of her head on the brass door knob, nose hitting on floor, and Nose bleeding continued. I saw that there were a scratch on her lip and nose which I gave little or no importance at all. Very quickly I kept her head between my ankles, and placed her head on face to bleed down in order to prevent the blood going in to lungs. Ann, the eldest daughter (15 years and the ‘Eye-witness’) appeared and saw her mom’s head between my ankles and blood on the floor (carpet). Ann asked me ‘Why is she bleeding? What did you do to her? Did you kick her?’ and I replied I turned her with my foot (just because I did not get the English word nudge and still don’t know “turn one on to her face with foot”). In a fraction of a second she got into her bedroom, locked it, called 911 and deliberately presented false statements as true to believe as seen by her. I tried to open her door and banged a lot for it [several times (5 – 6)] as I was looking for her help to take my wife to hospital also I wanted to stop her call. Then I heard some of her talks “he’s been banging on my door and he’s still kicking her right now and the whole carpet is filled with blood”. I know that I banged on the door. Very unfortunately she did not open the door at all (due to remorseful awareness of what she was doing and expecting a punishment?). My other kids were 8 and 11 but they appeared there at the end and saw nothing wrong there or they did not call 911, later they were taught, convinced and made believe the lie story thru intimidation, designed strategies and efforts by police, prosecutor and hospital staff. Altogether it took two to three minutes until “He left?” I decided to take her to hospital but the car was little far, there were no elevators, we were in 3rd floor and I was exhausted too. Therefore I went down to bring the Explorer 4x4 as close as to the entrance, park in reverse, and open hatchback to put her in to transport to hospital. But the police were hiding there. As soon as I started the SUV they appeared from bushes and asked me “are you drunk?” and I replied very politely that “I drank Pepsi”. They arrested me, did not allow me to talk, I passed out (became completely unconscious), I do remember nothing what they asked, where they dragged or what they did to me for the whole time throughout the jail settings, but I do 

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