Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light?

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AuthorHouse, Feb 1, 2007 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 260 pages
New Exclusive Interviews with Top Level People The Honorable Paul Hellyer, Dr. John Mack, Dr Edgar Mitchell, Al Bielik, Yvonne Smith, Clark McClelland, Dr Steven Greer, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Charles Hall and Aj Gevaerd speak on the UfO Cover-up "Paola Harris has succeeded brilliantly in exposing the truth about the extraterrestrial presence and how that may affect our lives and future relationships. Reading Paola's work will open your eyes to the reality of what you have only dared to imagine." Honorable Paul Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence, Canada. "Beyond the dedication to journalism and beyond the deep commitment to uncover the truth of our involvement with extraterrestrial intelligence, I have always been impressed by Paola's intuitive understanding of the spiritual component in the matter. "They" who have been with us since the beginning of human history cannot be understood without addressing an intimate interrelationship that involves our human spiritual identity. Paola has always sensed that connection and conducts her research with that in mind. I admire and respect Paola's work and will always support her journalistic approach." Sgt. Major Robert O Dean "Paola Harris is an investigative journalist whose quest for the truth about UFOs has taken her all around the world. Her dedication is legendary and she has obtained numerous scoops through her meticulous research and tenacious approach. Paola has made a major contribution to this subject by placing into the public domain a vast body of direct testimony from key figures in this field." Nick Pope, UFO Researcher, UK "Paola Harris is enlightening lightning; she arrives on the scene of both UFOs and Exopoliticslike a bolt from above: high-charged, brilliant and luminous. I think the spheres of light have been communicating with Paola for a long, long time and she wants to communicate back to those spheres as a courtesy and a welcome. With Paola as their friend, those illustrious spheres from beyond will feel right at home on our planet -- and YOU will feel right at home taking Paola's well-honed wisdom about life, reality and mankind's place in the universe into your mind and your heart." Paul Davids, Star Wars book writer and Executive Producer of Roswell, the Showtime film starring Kyle MacLachlan, Martin Sheen and Dwight Yoakam

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