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Engineering magazine Company, 1915 - Industrial efficiency - 167 pages

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Page 12 - This system permits many a man to work at a task for which he has neither taste nor ability, when he might make his mark...
Page iii - Life, in its research presentations to advertisers, first takes a familiarization step — an explanation of what was done, why it was done, and how it was done — before proceeding to the findings.
Page 44 - By gang piece work here is meant something entirely different. It is a plan whereby the manufacturer still pays a stipulated price for a given amount of work to a gang — the foreman generally included — but the division of the pay is made by the manufacturer himself on a basis of fairness to all concerned, each individual sharing proportionally in any increase of gang pay earned, and the manufacturer retaining to himself the usual prerogatives of hire, discipline, and discharge.
Page 47 - The pay roll of this gang is arrived at in five minutes at the end of the week; for, take note, the gang is paid each week, not on what it cuts but on the number of thousand shipped out of the factory. This method has, first, the decided advantage that only good work is paid for, and the number is beyond the question of dispute. In this case gang piece work has worked most excellently to the advantage both of the factory and the men.
Page v - Preface. Oakland. Department of Streets. [Form for keeping daily] efficiency ratings on auto drivers. 1915. (1 form). VF HEALTH Brown, EF Dental clinics as a community investment. (American Journal of Public Health, May, 1915. p. 396-404.) Read before the Joint Session of the American...
Page 36 - ... piece-work basis. To obviate any danger of retrogression in quality and loss through waste by possible carelessness on the part of workmen hastening toward daily increase of production on account of the rewards offered by the piecework or other plan, the writer, working as a business economist, devised and put successfully into operation in several plants a plan of...
Page 43 - But that manufacturer who desires to operate his labor on piece work has still, on the average, a definite opportunity of obtaining a real increased efficiency in developing this method of payment to the highest degree by getting his whole factory working on this plan. It is not impossible in many factories to get almost 100 per cent of the total labor, even including the foremen in most departments, on piece work.
Page 51 - To establish gang piece work it is necessary, first : — to find, as a basis for rate payment, some final result or results which a gang of men are engaged in accomplishing; second — to establish a definite method of division between them of the amount earned by the gang, this being based generally on the relative skill and position of the men involved.
Page 50 - This same plan was put into another department of the same plant, where certain small parts went through a number of different kinds of operations necessitating that one operative should pass them to another. On the individual piece-work basis, there was considerable delay and much necessity for special rush to get certain needed parts out of this department, despite careful routing. Unforeseen delays and...
Page 41 - To find operations in which waste is to be saved or quality bettered by care. 2. — To find by observation and data what can be done per hour on the quantity basis. 3. — To find what the average waste or standard quality is as a base for quality rate. There have already been some important developments of this quality piece work in several factories.

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