Experiences in spiritualism with mr. D.D. Home, by viscount Adare [ed.] with introductory remarks by the earl of Dunraven

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This classic account of paranormal experience has not received the attention it deserves. It is one of the most astonishing eyewitness accounts of paranormal events ever written. The distinguished author accompanied the famous psychic medium Daniel Dunglas Home as he traveled about in various homes of high society. The author records frequent observations of events such as tables and chairs mysteriously moving by themselves, tables being levitated, the appearance of an apparition (page 28), frequent mysterious raps, and frequent mysterious gushes of cold air. Other weirdness includes the mysterious elongation of Home's arms by 4 or 5 inches (page 146), and Home's inexplicable ability to hold a red-hot coal in his hands without injury (page 147).  

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Page 84 - I must tell you ; he is going out of the window in the other room, and coming in at this window.' We heard Home go into the next room, heard the window thrown up, and presently Home appeared standing upright outside our window; he opened the window and walked in quite coolly.
Page 84 - I went with him ; he told me to open the window as it was before ; I did so. He told me to stand a little distance off; he then went through the open space, head first, quite rapidly, his body being nearly horizontal and apparently rigid. He came in again, feet foremost, and we returned to the other room.
Page 39 - Now all this is to me far more wonderful than what took place at Norwood. I was, to all intents and purposes, actually conversing with the dead ; listening, talking, answering, and receiving answers from Menken. Home's individuality was quite gone : he spoke as Menken, and we both spoke of him as a third person at a distance from us.
Page 71 - The other night, having been unwell for some days, I went to bed very uncomfortable, and agueish; I could not get warm . . . Home went into a trance, got out of bed, wrapped a fur rug round his middle, then warmed his hands at the fire, and commenced shampooing me over my chest, stomach, legs and feet. He then took off my fur rug, warmed it at the fire, and put it on again, and made passes over my head, retreating...
Page 4 - He took one of the candles on the table, and in lifting it said, ' Good gracious, how heavy it is !' I afterwards tried the same thing, and found that when the table was tilted up there was a difficulty in removing the candle from the surface that made it appear very heavy. The table was moved up against my chest, and as I pushed back my chair, it followed me up until the back of my chair was against the window, and I could go no further; the table was then pushed close up against me. I now felt...

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