Experiences of an Unfortunate Traveller

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Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 238 pages

This is the story of the author's strange, terrifying, unfortunate and sometimes hilarious experiences in travelling round the world. They include close encounters with snakes, crocodiles, leeches, a dangerous man with a hatchet, almost drowning twice in two days and a life-threatening crush at a ferry terminal in Hong Kong. Oh, and being mugged in New York.

He visits Macao, China, Malaysia, Hawaii, Mainland America, Australia, Paris, Florida, Borneo and Nepal and describes some of the strange, weird and wonderful sights and people he comes across. He has had more than his fair share of unfortunate events on planes, boats and trains. Does he bring them upon himself? Or is he just a victim of unforeseeable circumstances? Judge for yourself. It all starts with an application for a job with The Independent Commission Against Corruption in Hong Kong, which leads to a strange conversation with an Immigration Officer, followed by two years of unique experiences in that strange land. Having not learned his lesson on what can happen in unfamiliar territories, he pushes his luck by travelling further afield, but somehow lives to tell the tale.

What happens when you incur the wrath of Immigration Officers? What's it like to be stung by one of the most dangerous animals on the planet? What goes through your mind as you drown? How do you avoid being decapitated by a chopper? Would you dare climb Ayers Rock? Is it dangerous to be within two feet of a crocodile? How much free wine can you drink? When did the Iban tribe of Borneo stop chopping off peoples' heads? What happens when a leech takes a liking to you? Or when the airline loses your luggage at the start of your holiday? This is one of the funniest books of the year.

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