Exploring the Bible: A Guide to the Old and New Testaments

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Studying Scripture is a fascinating experience for all who desire to understand the workings of God. Still, there is much to take in, and from time to time we need a little help making sense of all the history, poetry, wisdom, prophecy, and various authors, let alone exactly what roles they all play in the grand biblical perspective.

Exploring the Bible takes you on a journey with a birdŐs-eye view through the Bible, nurturing spiritual growth and biblical knowledge on every page. Each chapter includes application activities and discussion questions, giving readers opportunity to deepen their knowledge and continue exploring their faith. YouŐll find that this easy-to-read survey of both the Old and New Testaments establishes a solid foundation for beginning to understand the God of the Bible and his dealings with man. This book is ideally suited for students, personal study, and small-group leaders.

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