Exposure Treatments for Anxiety Disorders: A Practitioner's Guide to Concepts, Methods, and Evidence-based Practice

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Routledge, 2005 - 255 psl.
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Exposure Treatments for Anxiety Disorders is a unique volume, as it draws together the latest research on the rapidly-expanding field of anxiety disorders and illuminates how to correctly apply the proven methodology of behavioral therapy techniques to the variety of situations that face today's mental health professional. That said, cognitive therapy has in the last 10 years gotten increased attention as an alternative to behavior therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders. But while it is gaining acceptance among practitioners, cognitive therapy has yet to illustrate substantial benefits above those that behavior therapy can already provide. In light of the aforementioned, coupled with the pressure many practitioners feel from managed care paradigms and shrinking healthcare coverage, this book will be a welcome resource allowing for increased clarity of action, accountability, and ultimately, positive client outcome. Each chapter is designed to address pivotal aspects in the assessment, formulation and diagnosis, and treatment of anxiety disorders, to a sufficient depth that the generalist practitioner will be comfortable using this book as a guide when working with the anxiety disordered client.


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The Anxiety Phenomenon Nature and Disorder
Description of the Behavioral Treatment Strategy Exposure
Research Basis of the Phenomenon and Its Treatment
Clinical Cases Illustrations of Assessment Formulation and Treatment
Complicating Factors in Anxiety Treatment Obstacles and Solutions
Maintenance and FollowUp Strategies Preparing for Future and Continued Progress
Professional and Public Persona Conclusions and Future Directions for Disseminating and Increasing Use of Exposure Treatments
Manuals and Other Resources
NarrowBand Instruments Commonly Used in CognitiveBehavioral Practice
Data Necessary from a NarrowBand Instrument to Assess Meaningful Change in Therapy
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Johan Rosqvist, Psy.D., is Assistant Professor of the Counseling Psychology Program at the School of Professional Psychology of Pacific University.

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