Extreme Animals Dot-to-Dot

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Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2001 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 80 pages
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What animal runs fastest? Lives longest? Is the noisiest--or (ugh!) the slinky slimiest? Make the dot-to-dot connection and meet these incredible-but-true record-setting creatures, in the air, on land, and deep undersea.

* Big and small: If you guessed the largest land animal is the African elephant, you're right! It's about 13 feet tall and weighs 16,500 pounds--while the tiny bumblebee bat (the smallest) weighs less than a penny. But, the blue whale is greatest of all--about as long as a jet airplane.
* Fast and faster: Who would win a race: the cheetah or the peregrine falcon? The speedy cat, which runs up to 71 miles per hour, can't compare with the falcon's 200. (The snail, on the other hand, moves about two feet every three minutes.)
* Olympic jumper: If we take size into account, the flea gets the gold, because it jumps more than 150 times its body length. But, the kangaroo leaps over 29.5 feet.

You'll see what they look like and find out fascinating facts--including their size, habitats, what they eat, their color, and more. It's extreme fun for everyone!

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Biggest Land Animal in North
Smallest BirdHummingbird
Biggest SpiderGoliath Tarantula 18 BIGGEST AND PICKIEST APPETITES
Fastest Land AnimalCheetah 24
Longest AnimalPraya Dubia 30
Strangest AnimalDuckbill

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