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Wiley India Pvt. Limited, 2008 - 368 pages
Market_Desc: · Students· Instructors· High-level Professional Animators & Directors in Movies, Games etc.

Special Features: · Stop Staring is the only book to focus exclusively on facial modeling and animation, taking a variety of models from conception and modeling to rigging and animation· While Maya is used for software-specific examples, the book s concepts-level approach allows it to appeal to users of all 3D modeling and animation packages· The second edition features a new chapter on squash-and-stretch deformation techniques, an effect inspired by cartoons that allows animators to squash, stretch, and bend facial features· A color insert showcases the book s techniques and the importance of proper color and shading· The CD includes the Maya Personal Learning Edition, models, textures, tools, lip-sync samples, and completed animations

About The Book: This book contains advanced blend extraction techniques, squash-and-stretch deformation, tools, software, more models, top-quality art, humorous style and tone needed in art of facial modeling and animation. The first edition of this popular book won industry acclaim and has even been adopted by some studios as the official facial modeling workflow. Tools and interfaces introduced in the first edition even found their way into the Maya 7 software.

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