F. U. B. A. R. Poetry: Book 2, Book 2

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AuthorHouse, Dec 4, 2008 - Poetry - 148 pages
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poems written by a working class lad for the mentality of everyone who is sick of being oppressed, told what to say and when to say it, funny poems, sad poems, lovable poems, but all of them truthful, some might find offensive, which will be there problem (cos the truth hurts), swear words which may offend, but no apoogies will be given.

political poems delivered, cos we have the freedom of speech in my country (so they say)the political poems are VERY truthful, and our the voice of every working class person (notice not man P.C. you see) 

  ENJOY and be FREE to do whatever you want and if not, at least make your noise and bang your own drum


              3Matty McCourt X X X  

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About the author (2008)

nutter, scandaous, rebellious, loving, fighter, political, quiet, loud, mad, scitzo, inventive, thick, creative, a molly maguire, a beleiver of equal rights, an X-footy hooligan, bouncer, fugitve, innocent, guilty, sometimes right and always wrong, illiterate, a shit spela of words which u,ve probably already geussed, guessed, or is it gest, who cares, i mean well, always accused and fitted up, sometimes guilty and sometimes not, VERY LOYAL to my good friends,

takea chance and read the book and you will see, love it or hate it you wil enjoy it


                              3Matty McCourt

                                       x x x  

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