Fables by the Late Mr. Gay. In One Volume Complete

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J. F. and C. Rivington, B. and B. White, T. Longman, B. Law, G. G. J. and J. Robinson [and 14 others in London], 1792 - 232 страници

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Страница 2 - Through all the country rais'd his name. A deep Philosopher (whose rules Of moral life were drawn from schools) The Shepherd's homely cottage sought, And thus explor'd his reach of thought :
Страница 3 - The daily labours of the bee Awake my soul to industry : Who can observe the careful ant, And not provide for future want ? My dog (the trustiest of his kind) With gratitude inflames my mind : I mark his true, his faithful way, And in my service copy Tray.
Страница 125 - She next the stately Bull implored, And thus replied the mighty lord: " Since every beast alive can tell That I sincerely wish you well, I may, without offence, pretend To take the freedom of a friend. Love calls me hence : a...
Страница 105 - His hand expos'da box of pills, And a loud laugh proclaim'd his ills. A counter, in a miser's hand, Grew twenty guineas at command.
Страница 108 - Shall then our nobler jaws submit To foam and champ the galling bit? Shall haughty man my back bestride ? Shall the sharp spur provoke my side ? Forbid it Heavens ! Reject the rein ; Your shame, your infamy, disdain. Let him...
Страница 38 - But use them for your private ends ; Stint not to truth the flow of wit, Be prompt to lie, whene'er .tis fit ; Bend all your force to spatter merit ; Scandal is conversation's spirit ; Boldly to ev'ry thing pretend, And men your talents shall commend.
Страница 124 - Friendship, like love, is but a name, Unless to one you stint the flame. The child, whom many fathers share, Hath seldom known a father's care. Tis thus in friendships; who depend On many, rarely find a friend.
Страница 68 - Reduc'da family to need, My will hath made the world amends ; My hope on charity depends. When I am number'd with the dead, And all my pious gifts are read, By heaven and earth 'twill then be known My charities were amply shown.
Страница 91 - tis true) Bounce from the fire a coffin flew. Next post some fatal news shall tell.
Страница 126 - of tender age, In this important care engage? Older and abler pass'd you by; How strong are those ! how weak am I ! Should I presume to bear you hence, Those friends of mine may take offence. Excuse me, then. You know my heart, But dearest friends, alas ! must part. How shall we all lament ! Adieu ! For see, the hounds are just in view.