Fabulous Histories, Or, The History of the Robins: Designed for the Instruction of Children, Respecting Their Treatment of Animals

N. Hailes, 1821 - 164 páginas

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Página 44 - Jenkins, since you feel so much for them, I think, Miss Harriet, you will make the best nurse. What say you, Lucy, will you give the nests to Miss Benson? With all my heart, replied his sister, and pray do not plague me with any more of them.
Página 37 - At this instant Frederick perceived the two Redbreasts, who were returning from their proposed excursion, and called to his sister to observe them. He was very desirous to watch whether they would go back to their nest, but she would on no account consent to stay, lest her...
Página 28 - I have seen this monster.' The little ones then clung to their mother, fearing the dreadful creature was just at hand. ' What, afraid again !' cried he ; ' a parcel of stout hearts I have in my nest truly ! Why, when you fly about in the world, you will in all probability see hundreds of such monsters, as you call them...
Página 31 - Frederick was in raptures, being confident that these were the identical robins he was so attached to, and, like a little thoughtless boy as he was, he would have gone immediately with the gardener, had not his sister reminded him that it was proper to ask leave first ; she therefore told Joe she would let him know when she had done so.
Página 122 - ... the Crows, because they are very serviceable in picking up Grubs, and other things injurious to farmers; we only set a little boy to watch our new-sown grain, and he keeps making a noise, which effectually frightens them.
Página 128 - Frederick, said she ; pray look again, and you will perceive that it is impossible for such large heavy creatures to do so ; and these enclosures are made on purpose to confine them within proper bounds.
Página 66 - You may depend on it, Robin," said she, "that he is in every respect wiser than you ; and as he has had so much practice, he must of course be expert in the art of flying ; and if you persist in making your own foolish experiments, you will only commit a number of errors, and make yourself ridiculous. I should commend your courage, provided you would add prudence to it ; but blundering on in this ignorant manner is only rashness. " Let him alone, let him alone...
Página 107 - Chaffinch, replied the father, is a tell-tale; it is inconceivable the mischief he makes. Not that he has so much malice in his nature, but he loves to hear himself chatter; and therefore, every anecdote he can collect, he tells to all he meets, by which means he often raises quarrels and animosities; neither does he stop here, for he frequently invents the tales he relates.

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