Face to Face with Kaiserism

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Page 348 - Can a soldier's life be lawful, when Christ has pronounced, that he, who lives by the sword, shall perish by the sword...
Page 20 - II, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon. Each of these men dreamed a dream of World Empire. They failed. I have dreamed a dream of German World Empire, and my mailed fist shall succeed.
Page 181 - As I have heard, five men and one officer on our side went mad from those heart-rending cries. But most of my comrades and the officers Joked as the unarmed and helpless Russians shrieked for mercy while they were being suffocated in the swamps and shot down. The order was :
Page xi - What I want especially to impress upon the people of the United States is that we are at war because Germany invaded the United States — an invasion insidiously conceived and vigorously prosecuted for years before hostilities began ; — that this war is bur war; — that the sanctity of American freedom and of the American home depend upon what we do NOW.
Page 182 - AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, "Washington, USA "Englishmen who have surrendered are shot down in small groups. With the French one is more considerate. I ask whether men let themselves be taken prisoner in order to be disarmed and shot down afterwards? Is that chivalry in battle? It is no longer a secret among the people; one hears everywhere that few prisoners are taken; they are shot down in small groups. They say naively: -'We don't want any unnecessary mouths to feed. Where there is no one to enter complaint,...
Page 181 - harder!' For days afterwards those heart-rending yells followed me and I dare not think of them or I shall go mad. There is no God, there is no morality and no ethics any more. There are no human beings any more, but only beasts. Down with militarism. "This was the experience of a Prussian soldier. At present wounded; Berlin, October 22, 1914. "If you are a truth-loving man, please receive these lines from a common Prussian soldier.
Page 182 - Here is the testimony of another German soldier on the Eastern front. "RUSSIAN POLAND, December 18, '14"In the name of Christianity I send you these words. "My conscience forces me as a Christian German soldier to inform you of these lines. "Wounded Russians are killed with the bayonet according to orders. "And Russians who have surrendered are often shot down in masses according to orders, in spite of their heart-rending prayers. "In hope that you, as the representative of a Christian State will...
Page 126 - In August, 1916, Ambassador Gerard reported a conversation with Gottlieb von Jagow, the German Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, which clearly reflected the German attitude towards the American shipments of war supplies: — He said that the offensive in the Somme could not continue without the great supply of shells from America. He also said that recently a German submarine submerged in the Channel had to allow forty-one ships to pass and that he was sure that each ship was full of ammunition...
Page 96 - England would disnrm merchant ships: but now, since the President's letter to Stone, both the Chancellor and von Jagow say they are convinced that America has a secret understanding with England and that nothing can be arranged.
Page 50 - Biilow declared in the Reichstag: 'I feel no embarrassment in saying here publicly that for Germany right can never be a governing consideration':1 not right but might.

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