Faces from the Past: A Study of Roman Face Pots from Italy and the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire

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Archaeopress, 2007 - Social Science - 508 pages
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In a world where pottery studies have tended to become increasingly insular as the volume of excavated pottery grows ever greater, Roman face pots do in fact provide a discrete body of material that is clearly inter-related and stretches across many Roman provincial boundaries and modern national frontiers, offering a particular insight into the movement of ideas and traditions within the Roman world. Contents: Chapter 1: The pre-Roman face anthropomorphic pottery and masks of Greece, the Balkans and the East Mediterranean from the Neolithic to the Roman Period; Chapter 2: The pre-Roman anthropomorphic pottery and face masks of Western Europe from the Neolithic to the Roman period; Chapter 3: The face pots of Roman Italy; Chapter 4: The face pots of the Lower and Middle Rhineland; Chapter 5: The face pots of France, Belgium and Spain; Chapter 6: The face pots of the Rhine-Danube corner; Chapter 7: The face pots of the Upper Danube; Chapter 8: The face pots of Pannonia, Moesia and Dacia; Chapter 9: The face pots of Roman Britain; Chapter 10: Face jars and face beakers: one tradition or two; Chapter 11: The military Connection; Chapter 12: Whose were the faces?; Chapter 13: How were face pots used?; Appendix 1: Notes on Dionysus-Bacchus-Liber and other deities associated with him; Appendix 2: A rough guide to the movements of the legions stationed in the Rhineland, the Danubian provinces and in Britain; Appendices 3: The bust vases of north-east Gallia Belgica; Appendix 4: Roman head vases, balsamaria and steelyard weights; Appendix 5: Masks from the Roman period; Appendix 6: Roman snake pots.

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The preRoman anthropomorphic pottery and face masks
The face pots of Roman Italy
The face pots of the Lower and Middle Rhineland

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