Fact, Fiction Or A Little Of Both?

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Xlibris Corporation, Oct 26, 2007 - Fiction - 48 pages
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“Fact, Fiction Or A Little Of Both,” is a book comprised of six short stories for children. After each story the reader is asked for his opinion on if the story is fact, fiction or a little of both. At the end of the book the author reveals the facts on each story for the reader.

Chapter I – “The Witch’s House,” is a story about 10 year old twins whose curiosity and vivid imagination takes them through the gate of a cottage which is believed to be haunted. They encounter a ‘witch,’ or is she now? Their brief horrifying encounter leads them to a very interesting outcome neither ever expected.

Chapter II – “I Want A Puppy,” is about an only child who longs for a pet of his very own. His mother doesn’t feel that he’s quite ready for the responsibility yet and together they decide to volunteer at their local S.P.C.A. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which prepares him to care for a pet. He gets to be a companion for the weekend to two puppies and has an adventurous day with them. In the end, his mother informs him of her decision on whether or not he can have a pet companion of his very own.

Chapter III – “The Red Hot Meet,” centers around an elementary school gymnastic competition. When a high school junior runs out of ideas for her English essay assignment she finds a story where she never thought possible at a grade school function. Asked to accompany the meet with a friend she finds her story and a possible future Olympics champion.

Chapter IV – “The Bedspread,” is a touching story about close friends who accidentally ruin an expensive bedspread. Together they try to repair the bedspread without success. Many months pass by and the bedspread is replaced in a unique fashion. Although it didn’t cost as much as the original one it was totally priceless due to the ingenious thinking and dedication of the girls who originally were at fault.

Chapter V – “A Note From Santa,” is a good news story about someone who loses their wallet during the busy holiday season. Upon return of her wallet she finds that true honesty is still alive out there in her hectic world. A message is delivered to her through the season’s jolly fat guy that will be remembered for holidays to come.

Chapter VI – “A Halloween Nightmare,” is about a sister who teases, scares, and torments her younger sibling at Halloween time only to find herself frightened from the tales of ghost, goblins and all the creepy characters who come out at Halloween. A spooky story read aloud in her class at school turns into a nightmare for her as she falls asleep during class and lets her imagination take over her dreams. When she awakens from her sleep she realizes that she had been dreaming and her fears during that dream were not real. A lesson well learned she promises never to scare her brother again because no one enjoys being frightened.

Were you fooled by any the above stories? Which ones do you think were Fact or Fiction? And which ones do you think were a little of both?


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