Factory and Industrial Management, Volume 24

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McGraw-Hill publishing Company, Incorporated, 1903 - Engineering
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Page 161 - Electrical and Magnetic Calculations, for the use of Electrical Engineers and Artisans, Teachers, Students and all others interested in the Theory and Application of Electricity and Magnetism.
Page 173 - The great peculiarity of scientific training, that in virtue of which it cannot be replaced by any other discipline whatsoever, is this bringing of the mind directly into contact with fact, and practising the intellect in the completest form of induction ; that is to say, in drawing conclusions from particular facts made known by immediate observation of nature.
Page 161 - ARNOLD (E.). Armature Windings of Direct Current Dynamos. Extension and Application of a General Winding Rule. Translated from the original German by Francis B. DeGress, ME With numerous illustrations.
Page 274 - ... lower still. The difficulty, it need hardly be said, increases in a geometrical rather than in an arithmetical ratio. Its magnitude may be estimated from the fact that to produce liquid air in the atmosphere of an ordinary laboratory is a feat analogous to the production of liquid water starting from steam at a white heat, and working with all the implements and surroundings at the same high temperature. The problem was not so much how to produce intense cold as how to save it when produced from...
Page 433 - That under heavy forced-draught conditions, and particularly when steam is used, the board has not yet found it possible to prevent smoke from issuing from the stack, although all connected with the tests made special efforts to secure complete combustion. Particularly for naval purposes is it desirable that the smoke nuisance be eradicated in order that the presence of a war ship might not be detected from this cause.
Page 288 - The Footbridge for Building the Cables of the New East River Bridge.
Page 478 - The Probability of finding Workable Seams of Coal in the Carboniferous Limestone or Bernician Formation beneath the regular Coal Measures of Northumberland and Durham, with an Account of a recent deep Boring made in Chopwell Woods, below the Brockwell Seam.
Page 433 - ... to those who have given careful study to the matter, and who have had extended experience in burning the crude product. The form of the burner will play a very small part in increasing the use of crude petroleum. The method and character of the installation will count for much ; but where burners are simple in design and are constructed in accordance with scientific principles, there will be very little difference in their efficiency. Consumers should principally see that they do not purchase...
Page 965 - ... the Designing, Constructing, and Use of Tools, Fixtures and Devices, together with the manner in which they should be used in the Power Press, for the cheap and rapid production of the great variety of sheet-metal articles now in use.
Page 274 - Liquid hydrogen is a colorless transparent body of extraordinary intrinsic interest. It has a clearly defined surface, is easily seen, drops well, in spite of the fact that its surface tension is only the thirty-fifth part of that of water, or about one-fifth that of liquid air, and can be poured easily from vessel to vessel. The liquid does not conduct electricity, and, if anything, is slightly diamagnetic. Compared with an equal volume of liquid air, it requires only one-fifth the quantity of heat...

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