Facts about Honey: What Honey Is, Its Value as Food, how it is Taken from the Bees, Honey Recipes

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Lutz & Stahl, 1916 - Honey - 16 pages
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Page 5 - English walnuts, 3 cents' worth each of candied lemon and orange peel, 5 cents' worth citron (the last three cut fine), 2 large tablespoonfuls soda, 2 teaspoonfuls cinnamon, 2 teaspoonfuls ground cloves. Put the milk, sugar and honey on the stove, to boil 15 minutes; skim off the scum, and take from the stove. Put in the nuts, spices and candied fruit. Stir in as much flour as can be done with a spoon. Set away to cool, then mix in the soda (don't make the dough too stiff). Cover up and let stand...
Page 5 - Honey Fruit-Cake. — | cup butter, f cup honey, J/j cup apple jelly or boiled cider, 2 eggs well beaten, 1 teaspoonful soda, 1 teaspoonful each of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, 1 teacupful each of raisins and dried currants. Warm the butter, honey and apple jelly slightly, add the beaten eggs, then the soda dissolved in a little warm water; add spices and flour enough to make a stiff batter, then stir in the fruit and bake in a slow oven. Keep in a covered jar several weeks before using.
Page 7 - ... honey. (Candied honey is preferred. If too hard to spread well it should be slightly warmed or creamed with a knife.) Let it stand a few minutes, and the honey will melt gradually and the flavor will permeate all through the cake. To be eaten with milk. Honey Tea-Cake.
Page 7 - soft crack," or until it hardens when dropped into cold water, but not too brittle— just so it will form into a soft ball when taken in the fingers. Pour into a greased dish, stirring in a teaspoonful extract of vanilla just before taking off. Let it be...
Page 6 - It does not need to be as thin as sugar-cake. I use very thick honey. Be sure to use the same cup for measure. Be sure to mix the honey, butter, and eggs well together. You can make it richer if you wish by using clabbered cream instead of buttermilk. Bake in a rather slow oven, as it burns very easily. To make...
Page 4 - There can be no doubt but that in eating honey our digestive machinery saves work that it would have to perform if we ate cane sugar, and in case it is overtaxed and feeble, this may be just the respite that will save it from a breakdown.
Page 7 - Caramels. — 1 cup extracted honey of best flavor. 1 cup granulated sugar, 3 tablespoonfuls sweet cream or milk. Boil to "soft crack...
Page 8 - English walnuts), - j cup of honey, -j cup of hot water, and the white of one egg beaten stiff. Boil the sugar, honey and water together until they make a rather hard ball when dropped in cold water. Remove from the fire, pour in the beaten white of the egg and beat briskly with a silver fork. After beating a while, pour in the nut meats and continue to beat until it begins to make a hard creamy mass, then pour into a buttered LB SMITH, OF TEXAS.
Page 8 - Put 1 tablespoonful liquid tar into a shallow tin dish and place it in boiling water until the tar is hot. To this add a pint of extracted honey and stir well for half an hour, adding to it a level teaspoonful pulverized borax. Keep well corked in a bottle.
Page 4 - It would be greatly for the health of the present generation if honey could be at least partially restored to its former place as a common article of diet. The almost universal craving for sweets of some kind shows a real need of the system in that direction; but the excessive use of sugar brings in its train a long list of ills.

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