Facts and Fabrications about Soviet Russia

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Rand school of social science, 1920 - Communism - 93 pages

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Page 8 - The evacuation of all Russian territory and such a settlement of all questions affecting Russia as will secure the best and freest coopera-tion of the other nations of the world in obtaining for her an unhampered and unembarrassed opportunity for the independent determination of her own political development and national policy and assure her of a sincere welcome into the society of free nations under institutions of her own choosing; and, more than a welcome, assistance also of every kind that she...
Page 15 - Wilhelmstrasse. There is a closer monopoly of power in Petrograd and Moscow than there ever was in Berlin, and the thing that is intolerable is, not that the Russian people are having their way, but that another group of men more cruel than the Czar himself is controlling the destinies of that great people.
Page 45 - ... pro Allies". Thus: 1. The Movement has never been controlled by Russians. For, (a) Of the 224 revolutionaries who in 1917 were despatched to Russia with Lenin to foment the Bolshevik Revolution, 170 were Jews! (b) According to The Times of 29th March, 1919, "..of the 20 or 30 commissaries, or leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75 per cent are Jews... among the minor officials the number is legion.
Page 12 - Bolshevik military, foreign, and domestic policy. They show, in short, that the present Bolshevik Government is not a Russian government at all, but a German government acting solely in the interests of Germany and betraying the Russian people, as it betrays Russia's natural allies, for the benefit of the Imperial German Government alone.
Page 14 - It advocates the destruction of all ownership in property, the destruction of all religion and belief in God. It is a movement organized against Democracy, and in favor of the power of the few built by force. Bolshevism, syndicalism, the Soviet Government, sabotage, etc. . . . are only names for old theories of violence and criminality. Having lived at the expense of the Russian people for two years, these speculators...
Page 12 - Unfortunately, they show nothing of the kind. Indeed, the only thing they show quite plainly is the incapacity of those who collected them for the 'mission with which they were entrusted. The detailed examination of these documents is impossible here, but one illustration will suffice to characterize them. The pamphlet includes some fifteen or sixteen facsimiles by way of corroboration. One of these facsimiles purports to be a circular sent out on November 28, 1914, by the "General Staff" of the...
Page 14 - Justice that these documents standing alone demonstrate: (1) That the present aim of the Russian Government and its officers is to foment and incite discontent, aiming towards a revolution in this country. (2) That the entire movement is a dishonest and criminal one, in other words, an organized campaign to acquire the wealth and power of all countries for the few agitators and their criminal associates.
Page 22 - No more monstrous or degrading movement was ever set up anywhere in the world. Its entire existence has been one of terrorism, tyranny and brutal slaying of those who are seeking for a just government, for the Bolsheviks have proved more tyrannous than ever were the Czar and his brutal officials. They have brutalized Russia and used every means to throttle freedom by joining Germany in its efforts to enslave the world.
Page 41 - Intellectual class and a great part of the workers are also opposing the government. In comparison with the entire population only a small minority supports the government, and, what is worse to the supporters of the government, are rallying all the hooligans, robbers, and others to whom this period of confusion promises a good chance of individual action.
Page 12 - ... incessantly lied about the first socialist state. They had several times physically assaulted it, but, above all, they had always vilified it. When, in 1918, the United States through the Creel Propaganda Committee officially endorsed the so-called Sisson documents and announced, "The present Bolsheviki Government is not a Russian Government at all but a German Government acting solely in the interests of Germany and betraying the Russian people as it betrays Russia's natural allies, for the...

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