Facts and Useful Hints Relating to Fishing and Shooting: Being a Collection of Various Methods for Capturing Birds, Beasts, Vermin, and Fish; Together with a Great Variety of Recipes of All Kinds Useful to the Fisherman and Sportsman. To which is Added a List of Recipes for the Management and Cure of Dogs in Disease

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Irwin Edwin Bainbridge Cox
H. Cox, 1874 - Dogs - 293 pages

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Page 210 - The wound, which was about an inch and a half long, and three-quarters of an inch broad, was close to, but not exactly over, the line of fracture of the tibia.
Page 74 - ... intervals up and down the trace make a great show and stir in the water, frighten the fish, weaken the tackle, and cost money. With the lead arranged on...
Page 149 - Wash the eyes with a very weak solution of chloride of zinc, or a solution of nitrate of silver, five grains to the ounce of water.
Page 207 - This method consists in mixing, with fat oil varnish, four-fifths of well rectified spirit of turpentine. The varnish is to be applied by means of a sponge ; and articles varnished in this manner will retain their metallic brilliancy, and never contract any spots of rust. It may be applied to copper, and to the preservation of philosophical instruments ; which, by being brought into contact with water, are liable to lose their splendour, and become tarnished.
Page 219 - ... the feathers or fur, as the case may be ; pack up carefully, and the game will be preserved fresh and sweet in the most unfavorable weather.
Page 111 - EF, erect lines, which intersect by lines drawn from similarly numbered intersections on 1-6 in elevation, parallel to EF, thus obtaining the points 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then draw lines from 1 to 2', 2...
Page 127 - ... trout-flies for March, page 44). Dark brown Dun. Ditto. Olive Dun. Ditto. FEBRUARY. Same as last month, and : — Orange Fly. — Body : orange floss silk. Legs : red hackle with black roots. Wings : starling. MARCH. Same as last month, with cow-dung and March brown, if on the water. APPENDIX (A.) Wax. Shoemakers' wax dissolved in spirits of wine until about the consistency of butter. To use it, put a small piece on the inside of a kid glove, and draw the silk lightly through it; after this,...
Page 110 - ... convenient for mending), fill it, but not overfull, with twine of the same size as that used for the original netting; or twine slightly finer may be employed, as Fig. 5. being new, it will be stronger than the old. The end of the twine should then be fastened by a bend knot to the loop 1, the needle passed through loop 2, then the twine should be taken between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand, and a length measured equal to the distance from the knot at 1 to just beyond the knot at...
Page 88 - ... point of the rod gently backwards and forwards until you get the line on the stretch, when make your cast, releasing the line at the same moment. Let the fly and as much of the line as is required rest on the top of the water ; cast as much up stream as possible, and, as the fly comes down towards yon, steadily raise the point, but take care not to put any drag on the fly. Let the fly travel on as far as it will go without check ; when it can be allowed to go no further, it must be fetched off...
Page 263 - To cure the external Canker in the Ear. Pulverize a piece of alum, the size of a large walnut ; boil it in half a pint of water ; clean the scabs of the ear ; and apply it with a large piece of sponge, as hot as possible : hold the sponge on till cool. Repeat it two or three times each day, till the canker be cured.

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