Fair Harbor: A Novel

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D. Appleton, 1922 - 379 pages
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Page 258 - Reuben Ranzo ! Ranzo, boys, Ranzo! " 'Ranzo was no sailor, Ranzo, boys, Ranzo! He shipped on board a whaler, Ranzo, boys, Ranzo !' " And so on, forever and forever.
Page 380 - Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we; "Look ahead, look astern, look aweather and alee, Look along down the coast of the High Barbaree.
Page 137 - Chase, who was ••-"- — ——..PI . — _ _ . , f eagerly whispering questions to her next neighbor, and Mrs. Tidditt, who was grinning broadly. Elizabeth looked in astonishment at the group. "Why, what is it?" she asked. What is the matter?" Several began speaking, but Miss Elvira raised a silencing hand. "We were having our sing," she said. "I say 'we were.' We are not now, because," her eyes turned to and dwelt upon the puzzled face of Captain Sears Kendrick, "we were interrupted." "Interrupted?"...
Page 65 - London city a rich merchant did dwell; He had but one daughter, an uncommon nice young gal; Her name it was Dinah, scarce sixteen years old, With a very large fortune in silver and gold.
Page 257 - Surely every man walketh in a vain show : surely they are disquieted in vain : he heapeth up riches, and knoweth not who shall gather them. The provident man hath commonly a wasting prodigal, and the wise man a fool for his heir. And very often the heir utterly fails, and the family is extinct, and the name of it is perished from the earth, and the wealth gone to strangers that are no way related to the first gatherer of it.
Page 53 - ... tell him I think I can promise that the gate won't be left open again." "I'll tell him when he comes back. He'll be here pretty soon, I guess. He and I are old shipmates. He shipped cook aboard of me for a good many voyages." She was moving toward the path and the gate, but now she paused and turned to look at him. There was a new expression on her face, an expression of marked interest. "Oh!
Page 382 - The Portygee," etc. The whole family will laugh over this deliciously humorous novel, that pictures the sunny side of small-town life, and contains love-making, a dash of mystery, an epidemic of spook-chasing — and laughable, lovable Galusha. THESE YOUNG REBELS By Frances R. Sterrett Author of v Nancy Ooet to Town," "Up the Road with SoKy,
Page 39 - Now the Dreadnought's a-sailing the Atlantic so wide, Where the high rolling seas roll along her black side, With her sails tautly set for the red cross to show, She's the Liverpool packet — O, Lord, let her go! Now the Dreadnought's becalmed on the Banks of Newfoundland, Where the water's so green and the bottom's all sand, Where those fish of the ocean do swim to and fro, Bound away in the Dreadnought to the westward we'll go. Now the Dreadnought's arrived in New York once more, So go ashore,...

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