Fairy Fingers: A Novel

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Carleton, 1865 - 460 pages
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Page 163 - Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win, By fearing to attempt.
Page 305 - A maiden never bold ; Of spirit so still and quiet, that her motion Blush'd at herself...
Page 351 - Stands at a guard with envy ; scarce confesses That his blood flows, or that his appetite Is more to bread than stone : hence shall we see, If power change purpose, what our seemers be.
Page 462 - Remains," it is remarked, that "there is a kind of physiognomy in the titles of books, no less than in the faces of men, by which a skilful observer will as well know what to expect from the one as the other.
Page 466 - Charles Reade. THE CLOISTER AND THE HEARTH. — A magnificent new novel — the best this author ever wrote. . . 8vo. cloth, $2.00 The Opera. TALES FROM THE OPERAS. — A collection of clever stories, based upon the plots of all the famous operas. I2mo. cloth, $1.50 Robert B.
Page 468 - Boys." do. $1.50 RED TAPE AND PIGEON-HOLE GENERALS. . do. $1.50 TREATISE ON DEAFNESS. — By Dr. EB Lighthill. do. $1.50 AROUND THE PYRAMIDS. — By Gen. Aaron Ward. do. $1.50 CHINA AND THE CHINESE. — By WLG Smith. do. $1.50 THE YAOHTMAN'S PRIMER.
Page 468 - AN ANSWER TO HUGH MILLER. — By TA Davies. do. $1.50 COSMOGONY. — By Thomas A. Davies. . . 8vo. cloth, $2.00 TWENTY YEARS around the world. J. Guy Vassar. do.
Page 466 - ... Opera. TALES FROM THE OPERAS.—A collection of clever stories, based upon the plots of all the famous operas, I2mo. cloth, $1.50 Robert IE, Roosevelt.
Page 163 - ... falls, like leaf after leaf from a tree in a calm day of autumn. But Virgil's air-castle includes a Lycoris ; that is, sympathy, affection, and the heart's daily food. With these, fountains, meadows, and groves may be dispensed with ; and without them, they are not much better than a painted panorama. To have something to do and to do it, is the best appointment for us all.
Page 334 - No check is given t* the flood of worshipping love that pours itself out from hei soul ; then, and perhaps then only, in his presence, she allows the tide of pent-up adoration to break down all its natural barriers. However perfect her devotion at other times, there may, there always does exist a half-involuntary reticence, a secret fear that if even her eyes were to betray the whole wealth of her passion, it would not be well with her.

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