Falk: Amy Foster ; To-morrow : Three Stories

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McClure, Phillips, 1903 - Man-woman relationships - 271 pages

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Page 108 - of some cottage. He had a big, hearty laugh that would have fitted a man twice his size, a brisk manner, a bronzed face, and a pair of grey, profoundly attentive eyes. He had the talent of making people talk to him freely, and an inexhaustible patience in listening to their tales.
Page 157 - And she had objected to him praying aloud in the evening. Why ? He expected the boy to repeat the prayer aloud after him by-and-by, as he used to do after his old father when he was a child—in his own country. And I discovered he longed for their boy to grow
Page 112 - human accents, she ran out into the yard stopping her ears, and did not prevent the crime. For Mrs. Smith this was another evidence of her stupidity; on the other hand, her want of charm, in view of Smith's well-known frivolousness, was a great
Page 150 - tricks in the taproom.' They laid their hands on him. Having had a glass or two, Mr. Swaffer's foreigner tried to expostulate: was ejected forcibly: got a black eye. " I believe he felt the hostility of his human surroundings. But he was tough—tough in spirit,
Page 60 - maybe women liked it. Seen in that light he was well worth taming, and I suppose every woman at the bottom of her heart considers herself as a tamer of strange beasts. But Hermann arose with precipitation to carry the news to his wife. I had barely the time, as he made for the cabin door, to
Page 163 - aloud, and my voice seemed to lose itself in the emptiness of this tiny house as if I had cried in a desert. He opened his eyes. ' Gone ! ' he said distinctly. ' I had only asked for water—only for a little water.
Page 23 - purely as a kind of unmeaning noise it filled you with astonishment at first. " They had," he continued, " been acquainted with Captain Falk for very many years, and never had any reason. . . ." " That's why I come to you, of course," I interrupted. " I've the right to know the meaning of this infernal nonsense.
Page 74 - The two women fell on each other's necks, and, with an arm round her niece's waist, she led her away. Her own eyes were simply streaming, her face was flooded. She shook her head back at me negatively, I wonder why to this day. The girl's head dropped heavily on her shoulder. They disappeared.
Page 94 - endurance, cunning and courage—all the qualities of classic heroism. At once Falk threw overboard the captain's revolver. He was a born monopolist. Then after the report of the two shots, followed by a profound silence, there crept out into the cold, cruel dawn of Antarctic regions,
Page 162 - I had been called out that night to an urgent case in the village, and on my way home at daybreak passed by the cottage. The door stood open. My man helped me to carry him in. We laid him on the couch. The lamp smoked, the fire was out, the chill of the stormy night oozed from the

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