Fallen, But Not Forgotten

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Fallen, but Not Forgotten, 2006 - 191 lappuses
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Reading Fallen, but Not Forgotten is like looking through a window into the life of Frances Munson as she reclaims the life God laid out for her, the life she tried so hard to throw awayby making bad choice after bad choice. She opens her life up to the reader, not as some autobiographical novel, but as a living example of what God can and will do in a broken life. It isnt a warm and fuzzy, feel-good read like often seen, but a raw and revealing look at her life, the good, the bad, and the otherwise. She honestly discusses her mistakes, bad choices, and the opportunities God gave her to make a change. You see how God in His loving role as a Father began by whispering and did not give up until He finally shook her world to pieces to get her attention. With nothing left, but the consequences of her actions, she sought Him, and is now using her life, and her past filled with mistakes and pain, to help others. She is dedicating her life to showing others what she has learned through it all, that no matter how far you fall, God Never forgets you, Never abandons you, Never gives up on you, and you Never fall below His Grace or Mercy!

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Par autoru (2006)

Frances D. Munson is an author who truly writes from the heart. She writes from her personal experiences and puts her whole life out there for the world to see, scars, mistakes, joys, and all. She truly believes that there is no such thing as a mistake if you learn from it, and has dedicated her life to sharing that belief with others, and using her life as a living example of what God can do with a broken life.

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