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Use in Literature FairingWhen I lived in the village of youth The doors, all the doors, stood open; We went in and out of them laughing, Laughing and calling each other To shew each other our fairings, The new shawl, the new comb, the new fan, The new rose, the new lover.ndash;E. Nesbit in Many Voices (poems).After that with them into Christ's Hospitall, and there Mr. Pickering bought them some fairings, and I did give every one of them a bauble, which was the little globes of glass with things hanging in them, which pleased the ladies very well.ndash;Samuel Pepys in Diary, Jun/Jul/Aug 1661. Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageThe World Bank - News: May 9, 2005 - Headline: World Bank Indicators Measure Good Governance. Author: Joe De Capua. Excerpt: Some sub-Saharan African countries are fairing well, others have shown declines. Mr. Kaufman cities problems in Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast, but says there have been improvements in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda.Patent Usage(AIRLOCK) BICYCLE HELMENT WITH ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION SYSTEMS AND ACCESSORIES: Patented by James A. Mirage on November 1, 1989. Abstract: A bicyclist helmet has a outer shell; an inner buffer liner; forward facing baffle controlled air inlets; side baffle controlled air inlets; rear discharge baffle controlled exhaust air outlets; attaching ear cups; attaching fairing cone; attachments and baffles are provided to further enhance the helmet's aerodynamic properties, as well as providing a more comfortable helmet when riding in cold or foul weather.A Composite Tip Cap Assembly for a Helicopter Main Rotor Blade: Patented by David A. Kovalsky, Corey D. Jones, Christopher J. Damon and Leon M. Meyer on November 21, 1997. Abstract: A composite tip cap assembly (10) for a helicopter main rotor blade includes a composite main fairing (20), a unitary composite rib (60) detail internally integrated in combination with the composite main fairing (20), a composite closure fairing (50) bonded in combination with the composite main fairing (20), and an abrasion strip (70) bonded in combination with the composite main fairing (20) and the composite closure fairing (50).Adaptive vibro-acoustic attentuator for launch vehicles: Patented by Steven A. Lane and Steven F. Griffin on February 6, 2001. Abstract: A lightweight self-contained vibro-acoustic device is disclosed for dissipating low frequency vibration and acoustic energy within the payload fairing of launch vehicles. The device can be mounted on the interior surfaces of a fairing and adaptively tuned to match targeted structural and acoustic dynamics using electronic feedback loops.Adjustable fairing for vehicle: Patented by Michael W. Hanagan on July 1, 2002. Abstract: An adjustable fairing for a motorcycle has a fairing body, a pivot assembly for mounting the fairing body on the vehicle, and an adjustment knob operative on the pivoting assembly for adjusting the angle of the fairing body while the motorcycle is in operation.Aerodynamic fairing structure for inkjet printing: Patented by Daniel J. Fredrickson and Antonio Gomez on January 1, 2002. Abstract: A printing device is provided which includes ink-dispensing structure which carries a printhead with a leading edge, and which moves in a printing sweep downstream across a printzone, a fairing structure, and a mounting structure which supports the fairing structure for movement with the printhead downstream from the leading edge of the printhead in a position configured to reduce aerodynamic turbulence associated with the leading edge of the printhead during movement of the printhead downstream across the printzone.Air intake system of a propeller-turbine engine: Patented by Dimitrie Negulescu and Christian Mundt on December 8, 2002. Abstract: An air intake system of a propeller-turbine engine with a propeller gearbox 1 in in-line arrangement, includes one or more intake units 3 arranged essentially below a nacelle fairing 2 of the propeller-turbine engine with

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