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D. Appleton, 1919 - 315 pages

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Page 300 - God ; yet sets its teeth, Faces calamity, and goes into the fire Another than it was. And in wild hours A people, roaring ripe With victory, rises, menaces, stands renewed, Sheds its old piddling aims, Approves its virtue, puts behind itself The comfortable dream, and goes, Armoured and militant, New-pithed, new-souled, new-visioned, up the steeps To those great altitudes, whereat the weak Live not. But only the strong Have leave to strive, and suffer, and achieve.
Page 257 - Ba hugged the child and took the grenade from her. It was the first time in her life that she had held one in her hand. She felt it pulsating with life, very close. A sigh escaped her. — "My child, my children!
Page 34 - Things her disgust at the sight of 'mothers and daughters, grandmothers and demi-mondaines, Russian Grand Duchesses, Austrian Princesses, clasped in the arms of incredible scum from the Argentine, half-castes from Mexico, and farceurs from New York, decadent male things they would not receive in their antechambers before this madness set in!
Page 82 - I have other and terribly important things to do. The husband is most worthy — one wonders what the next few years will bring. Their temperaments must be as the poles.
Page 268 - If the politicians could have that dogged, serene steadfastness which the Tommies, and almost every man has in the trenches, how supreme we should be...
Page 160 - Every man and woman who works should have the right to a good home.
Page 168 - He tried to look out of the window and take an interest in the park, which was entered very soon after leaving the station.
Page 119 - She raised herself on her elbow and looked at him. He was still asleep — and his face was infinitely sad.
Page 225 - She knew that he must be enduring pain greater than hers, so she stretched out her hands to him, and he took them and held them in his.

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