Family Legacy

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AuthorHouse, Nov 15, 2006 - Fiction - 308 pages
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From the tender age of three, Jenny had experienced feelings of doom, fear, horror and terror. They were not strangers to her but why did she have them? She knew of only one person she could ask who wouldn't think she had gone mad, her grandmother. Soon after arriving at her grandmother's she discovers that one hundred twenty people had died in a plane crash. The same plane she herself was suppose to be on. Jenny also discovers that her grandmother knew more than she was willing to tell Jenny about the strange feelings. But she did tell Jenny that she could find the answers to her questions in the basement. After Jenny's grandmother dies, she inherits the old family mansion, more money than she had ever dreamed of and the legacy with all the danger that goes with it. Jenny finds four journals in the basement and now understands. The family history starts to unfold. She had so many questions that weren't answered in the journals. Who is Bill Harris, other than a news reporter? What connection does Joey Newsome, her grandmother's yard boy have to the family? Why was she the only one with the legacy power or was she? The journals called the old mansion Freedom and said that there was safety within the walls of Freedom. What did that mean? Why was it kept a secret that Jack, a family friend, was really a distant relative? When and where will the danger surface? After all these years was she, her family and many others still a target? Who could she trust? With the help of her sister, Shirley, Jenny discovers the secret held within the walls of Freedom for more than a hundred years. She also discovers that the legacy has many types of powers of which she has only one. Shirley, Joey, Jack, her mother, Elizabeth, Bill Harris' daughter Veronica, and her sons David and Michael have the others. Jenny thought the danger was years away and she would have lots of time to sort everything out but she was wrong. Because of the legacy one hundred twenty people died in the plane crash, Jack's wife was killed, Bill Harris was killed, Joey's house was blown up and someone tried to kill her husband and sons. It was time to move everyone to the safety of Freedom. There was safety within Freedom but not enough. They needed more and they needed to set in motion a way to escape from Freedom when or if they ever needed too. The journals mentioned others who were also in danger. Jenny needed to find them and lead then to Freedom if it wasn't to late.

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