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Page 229 - The mountains look on Marathon — And Marathon looks on the sea; And, musing there an hour alone, I dreamed that Greece might still be free; For, standing on the Persians' grave, I could not deem myself a slave.
Page 179 - Darius was at his wits' end ; hereon the Scythian princes, understanding how matters stood, despatched a herald to the Persian camp with presents for the king : these were, a bird, a mouse, a frog, and five arrows. The Persians asked the bearer to tell them what these gifts might mean, but he made answer that he had no orders except to deliver them, and return again with all speed.
Page 237 - In the case of children, indeed, we recognize this ; we perceive that a spoilt child is not a happy one ; that it would have been far better for him to have been punished at first and thus saved from greater suffering in after life.
Page 89 - Cyrus, and also that daughter of Otanes who had been the instrument in discovering the magus. Being firmly established on the throne, his first work was the erection of an equestrian statue, with this inscription : " Darius, son of Hystaspcs, obtained the sovereignty of Persia by the sagacity of his horse, and the ingenuity of CEbares his groom.

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