Fannie Blaine Elliott: Elliott Family History 1816-2003

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iUniverse, Jan 1, 2004 - Reference - 176 pages
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Blaine/Boyd/Elliott/Finlay Early Family Connections: What happened to some of their early descendants?

This book tells the stories of three generations of the Elliott clan from Ireland to America. Those seeking information on their families may find the lost relative listed here. We welcome you to explore these pages and contact us to help you link to your roots and find out how far the branches of your family tree reach.

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It would appear that the reviewer below failed not only to differentiate between plural and possessive pronouns, but also failed either to read or understand all of the words on the page. The Author is quite clear that there is conflicting information available. He makes to claim that this is the last word on the Redmon family. These are subsidiary accounts in the afterward of the book and obviously not meant to provide definitive genealogical information on a family that is not Blaine, Boyd, Elliott, or Finlay. 

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The Author is clearly an idiot who did not research their work. Page 140 is a prime example of someone failing to make the most basic effort to research their info. I wouldn't recommend the validity of anything this person has written. The reference on page 140 to ALL the George Redmon's in KY, Rowan NC and Edgar county, Illinois are the SAME Person! Not a group of meandering George Redmon's (aka Redmond) with the same name as this pitiful book describes. I could not believe my eyes when I read this statement. This clearly reveals the total lack of research conducted by this author who could have obtained the correct info for free on any one of 50 public family Trees on Ancestry which have been available online for nearly Two decades.
George Redmon born in VA in 1757, moved to Rowan, NC where he joined the Rev War Volunteers and served 3 terms, mostly in SC campaigns. He and his wife Henrietta Noland remained in Rowan, NC for 12 more years where one of their many son's (another George Redmon) was born.
George explored the KY wilderness with Daniel Boone & was one of the first settlers to KY. They lived in Madison & Shelby counties in KY. Then they moved to Paris, Edgar county, Illinois in the 1820's where George died in 1837. He was survived by his widow Henrietta & many children including his son George and his daughter Anna and her family with husband William Patton who also moved to Edgar, Illinois in 1828 to be near their Redmon inlaws. Anna had married William Patton in 1807 in Shelby county, KY but had lived away from her parents in Ohio County, WV between 1814 and 1828 before rejoining her Redmon parents in Edgar, Illinois.
After Anna Redmon Patton's own husband William Patton died in Edgar, IL in 1843, she moved to Andrew county, Missouri with her sons where she died. Two surviving sons then moved to Gentry county, MO; served as confederate Colonels and moved to Washington county, AR after the war. Annas eldest son had remained in Monroe county, Ohio where he joined the Union army; then moved to WV after the war.
George Redmon's entire 23 pages of Rev War Pension records are available online on Ancestry where George spells out exactly where his family lived and when they resided in each location.
As I stated, this author is unreliable, unresearched and an idiot based on their own blatantly dumb statements in this book. Just read page 140 for a prime example of this authors inaccuracy & total lack of basic research of freely available info online. If this author can't even provide basic info on such a well known & documented patriot and makes grandiose statements in his book that this one man's family was just a group of people with a similar name when there are over a dozen published historical biographies, Pension records, land records, historical books, Sars & Dars and family Trees available which list their places of residence including the Pension records which George wrote in his own hand describing their locations of residence... I would not trust one word of this book to be accurate.
I would not recommend this book for free since it is clearly filled with inaccurate info by an amateur who didn't bother to research their own family tree & invented the details to fit along the way. It's bad enough to do this to his own family than to further the insult by publishing these errors for others to follow.

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