Farm Mechanics: Machinery and Its Use to Save Hand Labor on the Farm, Including Tools, Shop Work, Driving and Driven Machines, Farm Waterworks, Care and Repair of Farm Implements

Front Cover
F. J. Drake & Company, 1918 - Agricultural machinery - 242 pages

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Page 256 - Red Book Series of Trade School Manuals — 1. Exterior Painting, Wood, Iron and Brick Cloth .60 2. Interior Painting, Water and Oil Colors Cloth .60 3. Colors Cloth .60 4. Graining and Marbling Cloth .60 5. Carriage Painting Cloth .60 6. The Wood Finisher Cloth .60 New Hardwood Finishing Cloth 1.00 Automobile Painting "Cloth 1.25 Estimates, Costs and Profits — House Painting and Interior Decorating "Cloth 1.00 NOTE. — New Books and Revised Editions are marked...
Page 256 - Title | Style | Price Painting Books Art of Sign Painting 'Cloth $3.00 Scene Painting and Bulletin Art. .'Cloth 3.00 "A Show at" Sho'Cards 'Cloth 3.00 Strong's Book of Designs •Lea. 3.00 Signist's Modern Book of Alphabets Cloth 1.50 Amateur Artist Cloth 1.00 Modern Painter's Cyclopedia Cloth 1.50 New Stencils and Their Use 'Cloth 1.25 Red Book Series of Trade School Manuals — 1.
Page 255 - Practical Bungalows and Cottages *Cloth 1.00 Low Cost American Homes "Cloth 1.00 Practical Cabinet Maker and Furniture Designer Cloth 2.00 Practical Wood Carving Cloth 1.50 Home Furniture Making Cloth .60 Concretes, Cements, Mortars, Plasters and Stuccos Cloth 1.50 Practical Steel Construction Cloth .75 20th Century Bricklayer and Mason's Assistant Cloth 1.50 Practical Bricklaying Self-taught.
Page 251 - Price Electrical Books Electrical Tables and Engineering Data *Lea. $1.50 Electrical Tables and Engineering Data *Cloth 1.00 Motion Picture Operation *Lea. 1.50 Motion Picture Operation *Cloth 1.00 Alternating Current Lea. 1.50 Alternating Current Cloth 1.00 Wiring Diagrams and Descriptions *Lea.
Page 253 - I Style | Price Steam Engineering Books Swingle's Handbook for Steam Engineers and Electricians. .. .-Lea. $3.00 Steam Boilers, Construction, Care and Operation -Lea. 2.00 Complete Examination Questions and Answers for Marine and Stationary Engineers -Lea. 2.00 Swingle's Catechism of Steam, Gas and Electrical Engineering. *Lea. 1.50 The Steam Turbine, Its Care and Operation Cloth 1.00 Calculation of Horse Power Made Easy Cloth .75 Railroad Books Modern Locomotive...
Page 253 - Manual. . .*Lea. 2.00 Essential of Sheet Metal Work and Pattern Drafting ęCloth 1.50 Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting "Lea. 1.50 Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting *Cloth 1.00 20th Century Toolsmith and Steelworker Cloth 1.50 Pattern Making and Foundry Practice Lea. 1.50 Modern Blacksmithing Cloth 1.00 NOTE. — New Books...
Page 253 - Automobile Starting and Lighting *Cloth 1.00 Ford Motor Car and Truck and Tractor Attachments -Lea. 1.50 Ford Motor Car and Truck and Tractor Attachments -Cloth 1.00 Automobile Catechism and Repair Manual *Lea. 1.25 Practical Gas and Oil Engine Handbook *Lea. 1.50 Practical Gas and Oil Engine Handbook *Cloth 1.00 Farm Books Farm Buildings, With Plans and Descriptions *Cloth $1.00 Farm Mechanics *Cloth 1.00 Traction Farming and Traction Engineering *Cloth 1.50 Farm Engines and How to Run Them Cloth...
Page 149 - With the approach of the hot hours of midday, the vicious flies sapping the vitality from his faithful team, he has eased up on the work or quit the job. In using the tractor for plowing, there are none of these distressing conditions to be taken into consideration, nothing to think of but the quality of work done. It is possible to plow deep without thought of the added burden. Deep plowing may or may not be advisable.
Page 65 - ... you — I hope in equal amounts. Don't try to get the points sharp the first time around. Instead, bring them nearly to a point the whole length of the blade, then reverse the saw in the vise and repeat the procedure, this time bringing the teeth up sharp. If you point them up the first time, you are in danger of making them shorter when you hit them again from the other side.
Page 149 - Example : Suppose a plow rig has two 14inch bottoms, and the depth to be plowed is 6 inches. A cross section of each plow is therefore 14x6 inches, or 84 square inches. Twice this for two bottoms is 168 square inches. Since, in sandy soil, the pressure per square inch is three pounds : Then 168x3 lbs.= 504 Ibs.— draft in sandy soil.

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