Farm Mortgage Relief, Hearing Before ..., 78-1 on H.R. 4590, H.R. 4795 (S. 1110), April 5 and 6, 1933, Parties 9 à 10

1933 - 89 pages
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Page 7 - Treasury of the material so transferred. "(c) Effective whenever the Secretary of the Treasury shall cancel any notes pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, the amount of notes, debentures, bonds, or other such obligations which the Reconstruction Finance Corporation is authorized and...
Page 3 - Payments upon such subscription shall be subject to call in whole or in part by the board of directors of the Corporation.
Page 6 - Commissioner the sum of $200,000,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be used for the purpose of making loans as hereinafter provided to any farmer, secured by a first or second mortgage upon the whole or any part of the farm property, real or personal, including crops, of the farmer.
Page 6 - Corporation not to exceed $500,000,000, in addition to the funds authorized under title I of the Emergency Relief and Construction Act of 1932, for expenditure under the provisions of this Act upon certification by the Federal Emergency Relief Administrator...
Page 39 - Every such mortgage shall contain an agreement providing for the repayment of the loan on an amortization plan by means of a fixed number of annual or semiannual installments...
Page 11 - Second. To invest such funds as may be in its possession in the purchase of qualified first mortgages on farm lands situated within the Federal land bank district within which it is organized or for which it is acting.
Page 5 - The board of directors of said association shall adopt a resolution authorizing and directing its secretarytreasurer on behalf of said association to endorse, and thereby become liable for the payment of, the mortgages taken from its charter members by the Federal land bank. When it shall appear to the satisfaction of the...
Page 21 - Treasury the amount so paid shall become an obligation to the United States of the issuing bank or banks and shall bear interest at the same rate as that borne by the bonds upon which the interest has been so paid. After the expiration of one year from the date this paragraph takes effect, if in the opinion of the Farm Loan Commissioner any part of the proceeds of the bonds authorized to be issued under this paragraph is not required for the purpose of making new loans or for purchasing mortgages...
Page 4 - Commissioner shall authorize said bank to make direct loans to borrowers secured by first mortgages on farm lands situated within any such locality or territory.
Page 11 - ... case the amount of the unpaid principal of the mortgage on the date of such purchase or exchange, or 50 per centum of the normal value of the land mortgaged and 20 per centum of the value of the permanent insured improvements thereon as determined upon an appraisal made pursuant to this Act, whichever is the smaller: Provided, That any mortgagor whose mortgage is acquired by a Federal land bank under this paragraph shall be entitled to have his farm-mortgage indebtedness refinanced in accordance...

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