Farmers' Clean Milk Book

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John Wiley & sons,Incorporated, 1918 - Milk - 132 pages

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Page 9 - Our examples will be drawn largely from the field of physics, especially the concept of "invariance" or "invariability" — the idea that a substance or an amount to which nothing has been added and from which nothing has been removed remains unchanged in weight or quantity. The concept is not part of the thinking of the young child. As far as he is concerned, if the appearance of an object changes, if the shape changes, quantity and weight also change.
Page 36 - It is just about as common for a cow to have a sore udder as for a human being to have a cold in the head. The inflammation of cows' udders is in the majority of cases caused by bacteria of the species known as streptococcus.
Page 124 - ... injection of tuberculin. 2. All cows shall be annually tested with tuberculin, and all re-acting animals shall be excluded from the herd. 3. No milk from re-acting animals shall be shipped to the City of New York for any purpose whatever. 4. The milk shall not contain more than 30,000 bacteria per cc when delivered to the consumer, or at any time prior to such delivery. 5. The milk shall be delivered to the consumer only in sealed bottles, which have been sealed at the dairy. 6. The milk shall...
Page 116 - All of this is because the factor which exceeds all others put together in importance is the dairyman himself.
Page 83 - The majority of these farmers were able to produce milk containing less than 10,000 bacteria per cc., even in hot weather.

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