Farriery improv'd: or, a compleat treatise upon the art of farriery: Wherein is fully explain'd, the nature, structure and mechanism of ... a horse, the diseases, and accidents he is liable to, and methods of cure ... Likewise an account of drugs and mix'd medicines used in farriery

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J. Clarke & J. Shuckburgh, 1745 - 363 pages
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Page 204 - ... said to be nearly eight yards and a half long, and, from it along the rectum, or straight gut, to the anus, where the excrements are discharged, is not above...
Page 203 - Mp into many cells, or purses, by means of two ligaments ; one of which runs along the upper, and the other the under side of it ; which, with the assistance of a valve or flap at its beginning, hinder the excrements either from returning back into the small guts, or falling too soon downward, before the chyle prepared from the food be taken into its proper vessels.
Page 203 - ... or flap at its beginning, hinder the excrements either from returning back into the fmall guts, or falling too foon downwards, before the chyle or milky fubftance prepared from the food be ient into its proper veflels.
Page 167 - Lafosse did, and adopting his mode ef cure by injection. BRACKEN, 1769, assures us, he " cannot describe the glanders better than Mr. Gibson has done ; to wit, ' that it is a flux or running of corrupt matter from the nose of a horse, which matter is of different colours ; as white, yellow, green, or black, according to the degree of malignancy, or according as the distemper has been of long or short continuance.
Page 65 - ... the fides of the arteries. See the articles ARTERY and HEART. In the veins there is not any pulfe, becaufe the blood is thrown into them in a continued ftream ; and likewife, becaufe it moves from a narrow channel into a...
Page 193 - Ihould be injecled through a very long pipe for the purpofe, and as warm as a man can bear his cheek to the fide of the bladder it is tied up in, and ic íhould be repeated every two or three days, as occafion offers.
Page 89 - Mufcle is a bundle of thin and parallel pi tea of flefhy threads or fibres, inclofed by one common membrane: all the fibres of the fame...
Page 313 - I had ready at hand, and he was very well the next day. BUT becaufe fome .gentlemen, who faw this experiment, were apt to impute the cure rather to the dog's fpittle (he licking the wound^ than to the .virtue of the fat ; we...
Page 242 - Humours, and adhere to, and carry them along in the Paflages : Or again, they muft be fuch as have a Power of fo altering the...
Page 43 - (that is, of the fluids acting in the stomach) is much " augmented by the impetus which the heat of the " stomach gives to the particles of the fluids ; nor " does this heat promote digestion only thus, but * P.

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