Fashioning: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Nov 26, 2008 - 451 pages
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Familiar Quotations FancyingThou wilt find rest from vain fancies if thou doest every act in life as though it were thy last.ndash;Marcus Aurelius AntoninusHope is the most treacherous of human fancies.ndash;James CooperI cannot make the universe obey me. I cannot make other people conform to my own whims and fancies. I cannot make even my own body obey me.ndash;Thomas MertonFacts have a cruel way of substituting themselves for fancies. There is nothing more remorseless, just as there is nothing more helpful, than truth.ndash;William RedfieldCommunists are people who fancied that they had an unhappy childhood.ndash;Gertrude SteinHe fancies you my Lady. I may be blind, but some things I still see.ndash;Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesFancying ndash; AdmiredNo man ever did or ever will become truly eloquent without being a constant reader of the Bible, and an admirer of the purity and sublimity of its language.ndash;Fisher AmesFancying ndash; EnthusiasmIn things pertaining to enthusiasm no man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.ndash;Henry Ward BeecherTo waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.ndash;Tyron EdwardsEnthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever accomplished.ndash;Ralph Waldo Emerson

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