Father Father

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Career criminal Mike Sullivan and company arrive at Kennedy Airport to pick up luggage containing a shipment of cocaine arriving from Colombia, South America. Their job is to transport the drugs by van to Las Cruces, New Mexico. The monetary reward will set them up for life. Sullivan soon realizes the cops have been tipped off and are waiting for them. He needs to find another way out of New York.

Millionaire businessman, and former CIA Agent, Calvin Mitchell and family are leaving Kennedy in the Company private plane to attend his daughter's wedding in Tucson, Arizona.

Sullivan kidnaps the family and hijacks the plane.

The next twenty-four hours takes the reader from New York to Tucson to Midland, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Twenty-four hours later, Mitchell awakes in a Midland hospital having been found on Culverton Ridge by local rancher, Carrie Douglas. He had been shot twice and was near death.

His memory gone, Cal spends the next three months on Carrie's ranch. They begin to fall in love, but he knows that he must find his real identity. His memory comes rushing back when his partner Skip Amanski and his daughter Traci finally find him in Texas. Now he is driven to find his family and the people who tried to ruin his life.

The Ridge is a story where crime, tragedy, and evil clash with family, friendship, and true love. It becomes a story of two men separated by moral values and a way of life, but drawn together in a final showdown of revenge and hate.

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