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Use in Literature FaringHe then told her all that the reader knows, and explained how he had thought he could have gone about the country as a peasant, and seen how she herself had fared, without her, or any one, even suspecting that he was in the country.ndash;Samuel Butler (1835-1902) in Erewhon Revisited.So fared it now with ourselves.ndash;Samuel Butler (1835-1902) in Erewhon (Revised Edition).It fared no better with those who had remained in their dwellings.ndash;Charles Morris (editor) in The San Francisco Calamity.The proprietor of the stable informed us that they had fared well, and that he would have them ready for us on an hour's notice.ndash;Andy Adams in The Outlet.The beeves fared best, for with lowered heads they turned their backs to the howling gale, while the horsemen caught it on every side.ndash;Andy Adams in The Outlet.Not only was the Son absorbed in the Mother, or represented as under her guardianship, but the Father fared no better, and the Holy Ghost followed.ndash;Henry Adams in Mont-Saint-Michel And Chartres.Socrates abused the weapon and Abelard was the first French master of the art; but neither State nor Church likes to be reduced to an absurdity, and, on the whole, both Socrates and Abelard fared ill in the result.ndash;Henry Adams in Mont-Saint-Michel And Chartres.The doctors always fared better than we; and for a moment a desperate impulse prompted me to give them a hint, by walking off with the mutton, or confiscating the pie.ndash;Louisa May Alcott in Hospital Sketches.I don't think I have fared any the worse for doing so.ndash;Horatio Alger in Facing the World.This is more than boys generally get in the first place, and I am indebted to the partiality of an old gentleman, the senior member of the firm, whom I had the chance to oblige, for faring so well.ndash;Horatio Alger in Facing the World.

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