Faust, a Tragedy

Front Cover
Macmillan, 1880 - 296 pages

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Page 232 - Quid sum, miser ! tune dicturus ? Quern patronum rogaturus ? Cum vix Justus sit securus.
Page 286 - ... shalt live ! Margaret, Judgment of God ! I have given myself up to thee. Mephistopheles to Faust. Come ! come ! I will leave you in the scrape with her. Margaret. Thine am I, Father ! Save me, ye Angels ! Ye Holy Hosts, range yourselves round about, to guard me ! Henry ! I tremble to look upon thee.
Page iii - BLACKIE. Lays and Legends of Ancient Greece. By JOHN STUART BLACKIE, Professor of Greek in the University of Edinburgh. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo.
Page 277 - FAUST [throwing himself down]. — Here, at thy feet, behold who loves thee fall, To strike thy shackles, and to break thy thrall ! MARGARET [falling beside him on her knees\. — Yes! let us kneel and call upon the Saints ! Beneath these steps, I hear it well ! Beneath the threshold, Boileth Hell ! The evil One His fury vents, With fearful yell ! FAUST [loud]. — Gretchen! Gretchen! MARGARET [attentive]. — That was the loved one's voice! [She springs up; the chains fall away. Where is he? where?...
Page 38 - I reverence human wit and human skill. Fine essence of the opiate dew of sleep, Dear extract of all subtle powers that kill, Be mine the first-fruits of thy strength to reap ! I look on thee, and soothed is my heart's pain ; I grasp thee, straight is lulled my racking brain, And wave by wave my soul's flood ebbs away. I see wide ocean's swell invite my wistful eyes, And at my feet her sparkling mirror lies ; To brighter shores invites a brighter day.
Page 216 - Tis rank ! She eats and drinks for two, not now for one. MARGARET. — Poor girl ! ELIZA. — Well, well ! she has herself to thank. How long did she not hang upon The fellow ! — Yes ! that was a parading, A dancing and a promenading ! Must always be before the rest! And to wines and pasties be pressed ; Began then to be proud of her beauty, And was so reckless of her duty As to take presents from him too.
Page 75 - FAUST. — The pentagram stands in your way ! Ha ! tell me then, thou imp of sin, If this be such a potent spell To bar thy going out, how cam'st thou in ? What could have cheated such a son of hell ? MEPHISTOPHELES. — Look at it well, the drawing is not true; One angle, that towards the door, you see, Left a small opening for me. FAUST. — So so ! for once dame Fortune has been kind, And I have made a prisoner of you! Chance is not always blind. MEPHISTOPHELES. — The cur sprang in before it...
Page 251 - That ghosts on terra firma have no footing? And yet you dance like any flesh and blood ? THE YOUNG WITCH [dancing]. — What wants he here, that rude-like fellow there? FAUST [dancing}. — O, he is everywhere! What others dance 'tis his to prize; Each step he cannot criticise Had as well not been made. But in the dance It grieves him most when we advance. If we would wheel still round and round in a ring, As he is fond to do in his old mill, He would not take it half so ill; Especially if you take...
Page 254 - Let that alone ! it brings thee certain harm ; It is bewitched, a bloodless, breathless form, For men to look upon it is not good. Its fixed gaze hath power to freeze the blood, And petrify thee stark and stiff. Of course I need not ask you if You've heard of the Medusa's head. FAUST. In truth I see the eyes of one that's dead, On which no closing hand of love was laid. That is my Margaret's kindly breast, That the sweet body I caressed. MEPHISTOPHELES.
Page 119 - What, think you, may the strangers be? FROSCH. — Leave that to me! — I'll soon fish out the truth. Fill me a bumper till it overflows, And then I'll draw the worms out of their nose, As easily as 'twere an infant's tooth. To me they seem to be of noble blood, They look so discontented and so proud. BRANDER. — Quack doctors both! — Altmayer, what think you? ALTMAYER. — 'Tis like. FROSCH. — Mark me! I'll make them feel the screw. MEPHISTOPHELES [to Faust]. — They have no nose to smell...

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