Faust, tr. into Engl. verse with notes by J.S. Blackie

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Page 186 - MEPHISTOPHELES. — Alas, that I should be so blind ! One thing I plainly see, that you are very kind ! [They pass on. FAUST. — You knew me, then, you little angel ! straight, When you beheld me at the garden-gate? MARGARET. — Marked you it not? — You saw my downward look. FAUST. — And you forgive the liberty I took, When from the minster you came out that day, And I, with forward boldness more than meet, Then ventured to address you on the street? MARGARET. — I was surprised, I knew not...
Page 34 - ... original ; no translation can be adequate. He resolves to die; and seizing the phial which contains the poison, says : " I look on thee, and soothed is my heart's pain ; I grasp thee, straight is lulled my racking brain, And wave by wave my soul's flood ebbs away. I see the ocean wide before me rise, And at my feet her sparkling mirror lies ; To brighter shores invites a brighter day.
Page 272 - Tis thou! O, say it once again! [Clasping him. 'Tis he ! 'tis he ! Where now is all my pain ? The anguish of the dungeon, and the chain ? 'Tis thou! Thou comest to save me, And I am saved! Again the street I see Where first I looked on thee ; And the garden, brightly blooming, Where I and Martha wait thy coming. FAUST [struggling to leave] Come! Come with me! MARGARET Delay, now! So fain...
Page 127 - Now be there, and now be here f [They look as thunderstruck, and stare at one another. ALTMAYER.— Where am I ? in what lovely land ? FROSCH. — Vineyards ! can it be so ? SIEBEL. — And grapes too quite at hand ! BRANDER. — And here beneath this shady tree, This noble vine, these blushing clusters see! [He seizes Siebel by the nose. The rest seize one another in the same manner, and lift up their knives. MEPHISTOPHELES [as above]. — Let Error now their eyes unclose, The devil's joke to understand...
Page 28 - The parchment roll,is that the holy river. From which one draught shall slake the thirst forever ? The quickening power of science only he Can know, from whose own soul it gushes free.
Page 101 - But, as I said, you must choose a profession. STUDENT. — With Law, I must confess, I never was much smitten. MEPHISTOPHELES. — I should be loath to force your inclination, Myself have some small skill in legislation; For human laws and rights from sire to son, Like an hereditary ill, flow on ; From generation dragged to generation, And creeping slow from place to place. Reason is changed to nonsense, good to evil, Art thou a grandson, woe betide thy case! Of Law they prate, most falsely clept...
Page 24 - Spirit. Where life's floods flow, And its tempests rave, Up and down I wave, Flit I to and fro : Birth and the grave, Life's secret glow, A changing motion, A boundless ocean, Whose waters heave Eternally ; Thus on the noisy loom of Time I weave The living mantle of the Deity. Faust. Thou who round the wide world wendest, Thou busy sprite, how near I feel to thee I Spirit.
Page 23 - A red flame darts forth t and the Spirit appears in the flame.) Spirit. Who calls me? Faust (turning away). Vision of affright! Spirit. Thou hast with mighty spells invoked me, And to obey thy call provoked uie, And now — Faust.
Page 7 - And on the poet's business enter As one does on a love-adventure. They meet by chance, are pleased, and stay On being pressed, just for a day; Then hours to hours are sweetly linked in chain, Till net-caught by degrees, they find retreat is vain. At first the sky is bright, then darkly lowers ; To-day, fine thrilling rapture wings the hours, To-morrow, doubts and anguish have their chance, And, ere one knows, they're deep in a romance. A play like this both praise and profit brings. Plunge yourself...

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