Feasibilities: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature FeasibilitiesThis proved the feasibility of the scheme, and, though many subsequent attempts were less successful, we have learned by experience where it is best to drill, and can now obtain almost any metal we wish.ndash;J.J. Astor in A Journey in Other Worlds.He introduced the stranger as Mr. Keytel, one of the owners of the vessel, who said he had come partly on a holiday trip and partly to gauge the feasibility of starting a trade. The schooner will probably be here about a week.ndash;K.M. Barrow in Three Years in Tristan da Cunha.With the first stirrings of the democratic spirit in Europe had come the beginning of earnest discussion as to the feasibility of such a social order.ndash;Edward Bellamy in Equality.In the planning of it I have received some valuable assistance from a friend who has had considerable experience in the building trade, and he stakes his professional reputation on its feasibility.ndash;General Booth in In Darkest England and The Way Out.But she recognized two doubts as to its feasibility: one, whether the gentleman proposed would be adequate to the task; the other, whether he would be willing to undertake it.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Paul Clifford, vol 1.The sons of Eric had only abated under constant discouragement, had not finally left off from what seemed their one great feasibility in life.ndash;Thomas Carlyle in Early Kings of Norway.I have no intention at present of following out this line of thought, but only wish to suggest its feasibility and the degree to which it may throw light on the social evolutions of the Past.ndash;Edward Carpenter in Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning.Gershom was easily enough persuaded into the belief of the feasibility, as well as of the necessity, of this deviation from his original road, and he soon agreed to accompany the party.ndash;James Fenimore Cooper in The Pathfinder.The feasibility of a 'county club' in your county similar to those in North Carolina.ndash;Arthur W. Dunn in Community Civics and Rural Life.On one occasion I even heard him discussing with his valet the feasibility of clothing me in masculine attire.ndash;Emile Gaboriau in The Count's Millions.

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