Features:Perspectives on a Key Notion in Linguistics: Perspectives on a Key Notion in Linguistics

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Anna Kibort, Greville G. Corbett
OUP Oxford, Aug 19, 2010 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 352 pages
This book presents a critical overview of current work on linguistic features and establishes new bases for their use in the study and understanding of language.Features are fundamental components of linguistic description: they include gender (feminine, masculine, neuter); number (singular, plural, dual); person (1st, 2nd, 3rd); tense (present, past, future); and case (nominative, accusative, genitive, ergative). Despite their ubiquity and centrality in linguistic description, much remains to be discovered about them: there is, for example, no readily available inventory showing which features are found in which of the world's languages; there is noconsensus about how they operate across different components of language; and there is no certainty about how they interact. This book seeks at once to highlight and to tackle these problems. It brings together perspectives from phonology to formal syntax and semantics, expounding the use oflinguistic features in typology, computer applications, and logic. Linguists representing different standpoints spell out clearly the assumptions they bring to different kinds of feature and describe how they use them. Their contrasting contributions highlight the areas of difference and the common ground between their perspectives.The book brings together original work by leading international scholars. It will appeal to linguists of all theoretical persuasions.

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About the author (2010)

Anna Kibort is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Linguistics, University of Cambridge, and Visiting Researcher in the Surrey Morphology Group, University of Surrey. Her research interests are in morphosyntax and linguistic typology. She is a contributing author in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences, edited by Patrick Hogan (forthcoming).

Greville Corbett is Distinguished Professor of Linguistics, University of Surrey. He is the editor, along with Bernard Comrie, of The Slavonic Languages (Routledge 1993) and author of Gender (CUP 1991), Number (CUP 2000), Agreement (CUP 2006), and The Syntax-Morphology Interface: a study of syncretism, along with Matthew Baerman and Dunstan Brown (CUP 2005).

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