Federal Medical Malpractice Insurance at Community and Migrant Health Centers: Estimated Savings, Insurance Costs and Claims Experience

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DIANE Publishing, 1994 - 60 pages
Examines the more than 500 community & migrant health centers that provide access to health care for about 6 million people in regard to their medical malpractice insurance costs & claims experience. Charts & tables.

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Page 1 - The Bureau of Primary Health Care, within the Health Resources and Services Administration in HHS' Public Health Service, administers the grant programs for the centers.
Page 1 - ... questionnaire.2 Appendix I provides the historical malpractice data we collected from 374 grantees that responded to our questionnaire and the estimates we developed for the 513 grantees' malpractice insurance costs and claims experience using these data. After we began our survey, the Congress enacted the Federally Supported Health Centers Assistance Act of 1992— Public Law 102-501. This law, which was enacted on October 24, 1992, extended Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) coverage to the grantees...
Page 21 - I.1, during 1989 through 1991, more than 75 percent of the FTE number of physicians were covered by a medical malpractice insurance policy paid for by the grantees; about 10 percent were covered through their own policies. Compared with the number covered by a center policy, few of the FTE number of physicians at the grantees were In an earlier report, we found that, not counting volunteers, about 37 percent of the physicians practiced part time (less than 36 hours a week) at 446 grantees.
Page 50 - ... orally or in writing, charged your center, or its health care personnel, or both, with malpractice and demanded an investigation or explanation; -- an attorney sent a letter of representation (other than a request for records); or - your center contacted the insurer because It believed substandard care had been provided. In addition. include all claims in which claim files were opened, including claims that were (1) handled by your center's medical malpractice insurers, (2) bandied under the...
Page 50 - For purposes of this questionnaire, when identifying claims, include incidents in which an injured center patient or his or her representative believed substandard care had been provided by the center or any of its health care personnel and an insurer eventually became involved-thai is, opened a claim file. An insurer might become involved as a result of different events that might have occurred, such as...
Page 50 - For tach claim you counted in responding to question B-2, please complete one of the 3-page forms printed on the following pages. (For example, if two claims were identified in question B-2, then complete two of the forms-one form for each claim filed during calendar years 1986 through 1991.) (See appendix V for a copy of the claim form.) If you need any assistance In completing the form, please call Joseph Petto collect at (202) 512-7154.
Page 34 - The data we report for 4For the purposes of our study, we did not include the 21 grantees located outside of the United States. These grantees were located in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Pohnpei, Puerto Rico, the Republic of Palau, and the Virgin Islands. Grantees were identified by the National Clearinghouse for Primary Care Information, a service of...
Page 28 - Tiled and closed with a payment during 1986 through 1991. However, this estimate may be understated because it (1) assumes that the respondents were aware of all claims and fully reported them, (2) does not account for claims where the respondents did not know if the claims were closed or if a payment was made, and (3) only includes claims that were Tiled and closed with a payment during the 6-year period — unresolved claims are not included.
Page 28 - Total 62* 100 Historical Medical Malpractice Experience of the Community and Migrant Health Center Grantees physicians.
Page 52 - Results of GAO's Survey of Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs and Claims at Community and Migrant Health Centers At discussed in Pan A.

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