Federal Procurement: Trends and Challenges in Contracting with Women-owned Small Businesses : Report to Congressional Committees

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Page 8 - Which is at least 51 percent owned by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals; or, in the case of any publicly owned business, at least 51 percent of the stock of which is owned by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals; and 50 4 (2) Whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more of such individuals.
Page 25 - The Government-wide goal for participation by small business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals shall be established at not less than 5 percent of the total value of all prime contract and subcontract awards for each fiscal year.
Page 27 - The term bundled requirement or bundling refers to the consolidation of two or more procurement requirements for goods or services previously provided or performed under separate smaller contracts into a solicitation of offers for a single contract that is likely to be unsuitable for award to a small business concern...
Page 25 - ... making the records available. The Committee will remit the excess paid by the individual or bill the individual for an additional amount according to variations between the final fee charged and the amount prepaid. §51-9.304-4 Form of payment. Payment shall be by check or money order payable to the Committee for Purchase from People who are Blind or Severely Disabled and shall be addressed to the Executive Director. [40 FR 51168. Nov. 3, 1975, as amended at 59 FR 16777, Apr. 8, 1994] §51-9.304-5...
Page 56 - ... France and the People's Republic of China undermines the efforts of the international community to conclude a CTBT by 1996, a goal endorsed by 175 nations, at the recently completed NPT Extension and Review Conference (the conference for the extension and review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty). (b) SENSE OF THE SENATE.— It is the sense of the Senate that the Republic of France and the People's Republic of China should abide by the current international moratorium on nuclear test explosions...
Page 27 - The Impact of Contract Bundling on Small Business: FY 1992-FY 1999 (Eagle Eye Publishers, Inc., for SBA's Office of Advocacy, Sept.
Page 35 - As required by section 81 1 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 (PL 106-65, Oct. 5, 1999), we are currently reviewing the operation and effectiveness of DOD's mentor-proteg£ program.
Page 27 - ... (1) the diversity, size, or specialized nature of the performance specified; (2) the aggregate dollar value of the anticipated award; (3) the geographic dispersion of contract performance sites; or (4) any combination of the three criteria.
Page 48 - Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and National Science Foundation (NSF) (see figure 2).35 These agencies distribute grants to institutions for research in specific fields.
Page 49 - Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) , Office of Management and Budget.

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