Federal Supervision of Bank Advertising and Promotion Practices: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session, September 11 and 12, 1979

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Page 237 - The number, amount, and due dates or period of payments scheduled to repay the indebtedness if the credit is extended. (4) The rate of the finance charge expressed as an annual percentage rate.
Page 225 - ... order issued upon consent, which shall become effective at the time specified therein), and shall remain effective and enforceable as provided therein, except to such extent as it is stayed, modified, terminated, or set aside by action of the Board or a reviewing court.
Page 326 - Chairman Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer, and Monetary Affairs Committee on Government Operations House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 Dear Mr.
Page 236 - The method of determining the balance upon which a finance charge will be imposed. (3) The method of determining the amount of the finance charge, including any minimum or fixed amount imposed as a finance charge.
Page 229 - Where a percentage yield achieved by compounding interest during 1 year is advertised, the annual rate of simple interest shall be stated with equal prominence, together with a reference to the basis of compounding.
Page 570 - ... of each payment, the due date of the first payment, the due dates of subsequent payments or interval between payments, and the total amount payable by the lessee; (7) statement of the conditions under which the lessee may terminate the lease prior to the end of the term; and (8) statement of the liabilities the lease imposes upon the lessee at the end of the term.
Page 216 - ... the premium is given to a depositor only at the time of the opening of a new account or an addition to an existing account; (b...
Page 235 - ... terms, such catalog or multiple-page advertisement shall be considered a single advertisement provided: (1) The table or schedule and the disclosures made therein are set forth clearly and conspicuously; and (2) Any statement of credit...
Page 229 - Percentage yields based on periods in excess of one year. No advertisement shall include any indication of a total percentage yield, compounded or simple, based on a period in excess of a year, or an average annual percentage yield achieved by compounding during a period in excess of a year. (d) Time or amount requirements.
Page 532 - Insured nonmember mutual savings banks) shall be governed by the following rules: (a) Annual rate of simple interest. Interest or dividend rates shall be stated in terms of annual rates of simple interest or dividends. In no case shall a rate be advertised which is in excess of the applicable maximum rate for the particular deposit.

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