Feeding the Family

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Macmillan, 1916 - Diet - 449 pages
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Page 306 - Cream, 240 cc (8 oz.) 500 Lactose, 125 gm. (4 oz.) 500 This furnishes seven feedings, each containing : Milk, 210 cc (7 oz.) 140 Cream, 30 cc (1 oz.) 60 Lactose, 18 gm. (4J dr.) 72...
Page ii - In the present volume separate chapters are devoted to the special food needs of the different members of a typical family group — babies, growing children, adult men and women, aged persons — after which some space is devoted to a consideration of the food problems related to the family group as a whole.
Page 118 - One year of good feeding at the beginning of life is more important than ten after forty, and a baby's needs are not to be judged by an adult's inclinations. Feeding must be a matter of principle and not of impulse ; the reward will be partly in the present — much more in the future.
Page 4 - ... that foods, though so numerous and so varied in form, can be reduced to rather simple terms ; that the amount required by a man for a day's work can be determined with amazing accuracy, and that even the factors which govern the power to develop can be analyzed and a young animal made to grow or be stunted at will by the control of its food. Scientists in many laboratories are studying the laws which govern nutrition, and as they progress in knowledge the housewife is given new standards by which...
Page 306 - Whey, 180 cc, with one whole egg and sherry 12 PM Oatmeal gruel, 120 cc (4 oz.), with milk, 60 cc (2 oz.) 2 AM Junket with cane- and milk-sugar 1 FP Kinnicutt, Diet Lists of the Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, page 15.
Page 13 - Building materials of many kinds are needed, the most important elements being nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Nitrogen is obtained exclusively from proteins, a kind of foodstuff found in large amounts in milk, eggs, meat, fish, dried peas, beans, and...
Page 68 - For persons of indoor sedentary life, a very liberal use of meat is certainly undesirable. Even athletes, for whom meat was once thought especially necessary, have demonstrated the possibility of reducing their daily consumption to one-sixth the amount which the training table previously provided, with an actual increase for endurance. Aside from questions of health, the economic advantages of some other protein foods over meat are easily demonstrated.
Page 13 - Bread 1 slice 3 in. x3J in. x 1 in. Uneeda biscuit 4 crackers Fresh fruit 1 large orange or apple ; 1 medium banana or bunch of grapes ; 2 medium peaches or pears Dried fruit 4 or 5 prunes or dates ; 2 dozen raisins...
Page 55 - At rest, but sitting most of day . . Work chiefly done sitting .... Work chiefly done standing or walking Work developing muscular strength . Work requiring very...
Page 308 - Lactose, 10 grams 40 II AM Egg, 1 80 Mashed potato, 20 grams 20 Custard, 4 ounces 250 Toast (or bread) 1 slice 80 Butter, 20 grams 150 Coffee Cream, 2 ounces 120 Lactose, 20 grams 8o 1 PM Same as 9 AM 283 3 PM...

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