Felix on the Bat: Being a Scientific Inquiry Into the Use of the Cricket Bat; Together with the History and Use of the Catapulta. Also, The Laws of Cricket, as Revised by the Marylebone Club, 1845

Baily Bros., 1845 - 40 Seiten
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Seite 24 - Give thy thoughts no tongue, Nor any unproportion'd thought his act. Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hooks of steel; But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatch'd, unfledg'd, comrade.
Seite 22 - In peace there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility: But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger; Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood...
Seite 22 - Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, Or close the wall up with our English dead ! In peace there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility ; But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger...
Seite 37 - Or if, in running, the wicket be struck down by a throw, or by the hand or arm (with ball in hand), before his bat (in hand) or some part of his person be grounded over the popping crease— but if both the bails be off, a stump must be struck out of the ground; 22.
Seite 5 - Neither a borrower nor a lender be ; For loan oft loses both itself and friend ; And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. This above all, — To thine...
Seite 36 - This rule is not meant to prevent the striker from beating the ground with his bat near to the spot where he stands during the innings, nor to prevent the bowler from filling up holes with sawdust, &c. when the ground is wet. 8. After rain the wickets may be changed with the consent of both parties.
Seite 36 - The BAT must not exceed four inches and one quarter in the widest part ; it must not be more than thirty-eight inches in length.
Seite 36 - But if one of the bowler's feet be not on the ground behind the bowling crease and within the return crease when he shall deliver the ball, the umpire at his wicket, unasked, must call "no ball.
Seite 40 - The fieldsman must return the ball so that it shall cross the play between the wicket and the bowling stump, or between the bowling stump and the bounds ; the striker may run till the ball be so returned.
Seite 38 - Wicket-keeper shall not take the ball for the purpose of stumping until it have passed the wicket ; he shall not move until the ball be out of the Bowler's hand; he shall not by any noise incommode the Striker ; and if any part of his person be...

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