Feminine Intuition

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Xlibris Corporation, Aug 10, 2006 - Fiction - 150 pages
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In l876, Webone, Texas, supports equal rights for women. KATY colorfully defends feminine equality to a chauvinistic male. LOUISE weds LANCE. Lance learns an 'epistle' is not an apostle's wife. REVEREND BURGOYNE JONES learns 'obey' can be omitted from a wedding ceremony. A confidence gang led by JUNIOR uses a boxing match to cheat the local people. SHERIFF CASEY O'DELL with the help of martial arts master, CHANG LEE, defeat the schemers. CORRINE THE TERRIBLE invades the Webone saloon, takes advantage of her sex, and reeks havoc among the patrons. She is tried, convicted of misdemeanors by Judge DODIE BOULET, released to her husband, ANGUS, and leaves Webone in embarrassment. OX and his gang challenge Casey and spend the night in jail. After they are released, they confront Chang Lee and his fiance, are defeated, and again jailed. Ox and his gang are accused of the murders of an Indian brave, two cow-punchers, Corrine, and Angus. They are brought to trial, proven innocent, and acquitted. Junior's gang kidnap Dodie and HEIDI and hold them for ransom, eventually white slavery. Peculiar messages and a woman's intuition disclose the location of the kidnappers. MARIA and Katy rescue Dodie and HEIDI and capture two kidnappers. Junior recaptures Heidi and Dodie, releases his men, and adds Maria and Katy to his hostages. Ox and his gang unexpectedly capture the kidnappers and release the ladies. The murderers/kidnappers escape custody. Their escape again promises imminent danger, violent retaliation, and a future of a living death for the women in a brothel. They must capture the kidnappers to preserve their freedom. Maria and Katy play upon the superstitious nature of the escaped prisoners andintroduce werecats, ghosts walking on water, and unexplained fire circles. JUDGE DANE comes to town for the trial and the four women demonstrate to the Judge in a unique manner, womens' equality. The trial ends with the Judge shooting Junior in self-defense and sentencing the other four members of his gang to be hung for murder. Homespun frontier theology disrupts Reverend Jones' family life. His wife, SUSANNE, proves by the Bible and simple logic, women and men are equal. The good Reverend is again compelled to omit the word 'obey' in another peculiar marriage ceremony.

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